BGMI devs launching new Battle Royale game in India with ZeptoLab

Krafton India and ZeptoLab partners to launch another India exclusive 2D top-down Battle Royale game focusing on quick PvP gameplay for light entertainment

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Bullet Echo ZeptoLab

Source: Google Play Store

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Krafton India, the developers of BGMI have teamed up with ZeptoLab to launch the Indian version of Bullet Echo. The game is already available worldwide and is now launching a new version similar to BGMI specifically for India.

The game is a top-down shooter similar to Supercells Brawl Starts and features various game modes like battle royale, 5v5, solo and much more. As per the Google Play page, the games are designed to finish quickly and provide players with light entertainment on the go.

The global version of Bullet Echo was released back in 2020 and was very well received by players, with over 10 million downloads. Both companies are likely banking on its popularity and the Indian-themed design for its success.

Tailored to Indian audience

Img Source - Bullet Echo India on Play Store
Image Source - Bullet Echo India on Play Store

The game also has Indian-themed characters, including the official BGMI mascot. Considering how BGMI was almost identical to PUBG Mobile after the ban, it is safe to say the core gameplay will remain the same.

Gamers can also expect local servers considering the game is being launched exclusively for the Indian gaming ecosystem. Indian-themed characters and items alongside map locations. The game will also have regional pricing for India to make the items accessible to everyone. Collaborations are also not off the table.

Partnering with Krafton India was also a smart move as they already know how to handle exclusive launches. BGMI is the most popular game in India with millions of players, and having a big name behind Bullet Echo India will likely be beneficial.

As per the announcement, the pre-registrations are currently live for the game. Players who pre-register on any platform will also get exclusive welcome rewards. It is currently unknown if the progress from the previous game will be carried over.

Players who are already playing the global version can switch to the Indian version from April 4 as per the in-game announcement, however, it is not clear if the same date will also be the official launch for the Indian version of Bullet Echo.