A disappointing grand final for Vitality fans as MOUZ secures ESL Pro League S19

MOUZ defeats Team Vitality at the ESL Pro League S19 grand finals to be called back-to-back champions. ZywOo⁠ secures the MVP award despite the team losing in the ygrand finals.

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MOUZ (Source - HLTV)

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MOUZ dominated Team Vitality at the grand final of ESL Pro League S19 and secured their spot for IEM Cologne in a well-deserved victory. With how Team Vitality performed during the Group stage and Playoffs, no one expected them to go down without even fighting.

The final stand-off saw MOUZ with three back-to-back victories in a best-of-five, with Vitality not even getting a chance for a comeback. Vitality lost not one but two of their preferred map picks. MOUZ’s message to Vitality was also pretty clear from the beginning as they put pressure on their opponents with insane performance.

Regardless of which team selected the map, the results were the same, as Vitality was once again dominated by MOUZ. The team did get one last chance on Nuke, which they fumbled once again, leading to a 0-3 loss.

exertions and Siuhy’s performances were truly commendable. While many fans expected more from Jimpphat, this time, he was backed by his teammates. With this win, the team has now secured the ESL Pro League champions crown back to back.

When asked about the win, torsi said, “We are just really happy with the progress we are making at the moment. Also, in this tournament, losing one map or two maps is a pretty good performance. We are just incredibly happy and proud. And yeah, back-to-back champions, it feels amazing.”

ZywOo⁠ secures MVP

Despite losing out on the grand final, ZywOo⁠’s performance across the board has managed to secure him the MVP for EPL S19. With the current MVP count of 19, ZywOo⁠ has a matches device in the second spot and both players are just two MVPs away from reaching the GOAT s1mple.

With an overall rating of 1.56 across the entire tournament, his MVP award was a no-brainer. His achievement shows his calibre as this is not the first time ZywOo⁠ has taken home MVP without securing the grand finals.

On the other hand, Apex took responsibility as the team captain to apologize to all the fans for their performance, calling it a ‘disaster’. He then went on to congratulate MOUZ on their win, saying it was well deserved.