What is 'Scoop Bat' in Cricket as Gray-Nicolls celebrates its 50th anniversary?

Check out what a 'scoop bat' is in cricket as Gray-Nicolls marks its 50th anniversary. Find out the innovation behind this iconic cricket equipment and its impact on the sport over five decades.

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Cricket Bat is one of the most needed components for a batter to lord over the bowler. It is this weapon that has seen many players achieve immortal status as they have scored runs and written their names in the elites of cricketing annals. 

Grey Nicholls is a very famous bat manufacturer who has been making cricket bats for nearly 155 years. After 100 years of its manufacturing the Grey Nicholls bat came up with a scoop version to make cricket better. 

The became in vogue as the most aggressive players began to use this sort of bat to score runs. Since 1974 many of the top stroke makers have used the scoop bat and scored plethora of runs and become household names for their big hitting skills. 

What is a scoop bat?

Cricket since the time it came into existence narrow cricketing bats were being used. This made defensive minded players play the ball with ease as they could dead bat the ball back to the pitch. 

Once the scoop bat came into the picture it opened up avenues for the big hitters to have their say. Since the weight of the ball on the bat reduced due to the concave shape at the back of the bat, it became easy for more run scoring and easy shot making. 

In the normal age where there is need for aggressive run scoring many of the batters use the scoop bat. Most of the Australian past and present day cricketers use the bats made by Grey Nicholls. Mohammad Rizwan and Babar Azam use this bat while from India Karun Nair used the Grey Nicholls bat to score his triple ton. 

Travis Head is a known user of the Grey Nicholls has been scoring heavily and been of the best batters in the world in the last few months. The 31-year-old has been able to use the scoop bats to good effect and score massive amount of runs across formats.