UEFA come up with punishment for Jude Bellingham, playing status for quarter-final revealed

Check out what punishment UEFA has given Jude Bellingham after his gesture in the last match of the EURO 2024 championships only on sports.info

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Real Madrid and England star Jude Bellingham has been handed a one-match suspended ban. The move comes after UEFA had deemed the gesture by the young English star post the Round of 16 games as inappropriate. The youngster has also been handed a fine of 30,000 Euros and will be on probation for a year. 

The UEFA released a statement which read “violating the basic rules of decent conduct. Said suspension is not immediately enforced and is subject to a probationary period of one year, starting from the date of the present decision.” 

England are set to play Switzerland in their quarter-final game after their last-gasp win. Jude Bellingham had scored a goal in the 95th minute of the game to make sure the match didn’t go into overtime. 

Bruno Fernandez speaks out on apparent angry exchange with Ronaldo

Portugal had to play out a penalty shootout in order to win their round of 16 match. After the game, Bruno Fernandez was asked if he had a fight with Cristiano Ronaldo during the game. 

Bruno Fernandez replied “They put the sound on after, did you hear it with the sound? You have to hear it. In Portugal, we have a problem that I was watching on one of the channels that was talking about that. [They were saying] ‘It was cold, it was bad’ for about 45 minutes. All of a sudden, they go for a break and the national team puts it up with the sound and the sound says that he’s joking with me”

Bruno Fernandez also said “They came back and said there was a joke, and they cut there. They said ‘If you want to see it again, just go back’, but if they go back, they will see that was a problem. But if they tell the truth, if they explain what was in that video, people will know, but now people don’t know”

The Portugal star ended by saying ““As I said, this is national team, Manchester United will be my focus after the World Cup. I have no problem with anyone. One time a manager said to be ‘Everything that you can control is yourself’. I think everyone thinks the same way."

Jude Bellingham