T20 World Cup: 5 most successful captains in T20 history

Check out the top 5 most successful captains in T20I history, highlighting their leadership, strategies, and remarkable achievements on the field

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Babar Azam

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The ICC T20 World Cup 2024 is going great, as all teams are fighting hard from the start. While the pitches favour the bowlers this time, it seems like the batters will struggle throughout the tournament. Some teams were impressed in the tournament, while some teams' start was disappointing. 

The captains have given much to the team and the tournament throughout the nine editions. They are the backbone of the team and act accordingly. Certain captains have won many matches for their teams in the T20Is. This article will discuss their contributions to their teams and cricket in general. 

Let's check out the five most successful captains in T20I history: 

5. Eoin Morgan 

Captain Eoin Morgan

England's former skipper, Eoin Morgan, had captained the team in 72 matches, out of which they won 42 and lost 27. Only two games were tied. He was an exceptional captain who had been a part of the team for a long time. Apart from being a great captain, he was also a great player who played some unforgettable knocks for the team. 

4. Rohit Sharma 


In 55 matches, Rohit Sharma has led the team to 42 wins and 27 losses, including one tie. He has been incredible throughout the nine editions of the World Cup as well. As a batter, he's phenomenal. The kind of batting he does is commendable. His way of hitting long sixes and attacking the bowlers at odd times will always keep him one step ahead of everyone. 

3. Asghar Afghan


Afghanistan captain Asghar Afghan is another great example of being a leader who led the team in 52 matches and won 42 out of them, where they lost nine. Only one game ended in a tie. He was an incredible all-rounder himself who played some great knocks for the team. 

2. Brian Masaba

Brian Masaba

The brilliant captain of Uganda, Brian Masaba, has won 45 matches and is the 2nd captain to have won the most matches in T20Is. He has captained his side in 58 games and has lost 10 games. He's a great bowler who knows his game really well. 

1. Babar Azam

Babar Azam

In 81 matches in T20Is, Babar Azam has won 46 matches with 28 losses. He's an incredible leader who has played some amazing knocks for Pakistan. He has regained his captaincy and will be looking forward to creating some more records in the ongoing T20 World Cup. 

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