‘I was not expecting that outcome’ - Wanda Durant recalls Kevin Durant's speech after 10 years

Basketball: Even today, Wanda Durant, Kevin Durant's proud mother, remembers the speech's influence on her life. 

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Wanda Durant and Kevin Durant (Source: People)

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Kevin Durant's NBA MVP speech included all that could be said by someone with so much talent but had little to no idea he would control the NBA for the next ten years or so. Durant's acceptance speech, delivered just five days before Mother's Day in 2014, is still recognized as one of the most legendary speeches given in front of a packed crowd of basketball fans. Even today, Wanda Durant, Kevin Durant's proud mother, remembers the speech's influence on her life. 

As per PINKVILLA during an interaction with he said, ”It catapulted me, to be quite honest. I was not expecting that outcome. It’s given me a platform that I did not expect, that I’m grateful for. Even to this day, it still warms my heart."

Wanda Durant reflected on the effect of her son's 'The Real MVP' speech, noting that many people who know her as Kevin Durant's mother recall the speech and how profoundly it connected with them. She emphasized that it is still relevant today, a decade after its delivery, emphasizing the unexpected and rather strange character of its long-lasting effect. 

Kevin Durant have homage to his mother

Mama Durant went on to say, "There is always love, respect, and honor shown to me, and I am quite grateful for that. I don't take it lightly; it's really important to me, and just thinking about it makes me feel overwhelmed. "When someone calls you 'Mama,' it means something." 

Kevin Durant's memorable 'The Real MVP' speech included a genuinely poignant homage to his mother, Wanda Durant. He expressed his appreciation to his mother for her steadfast support and sacrifices throughout his life. 

Durant also discussed the struggles they experienced as a family, emphasizing how his mother raised two boys as a single parent over all odds. Before sobbing tears of genuine passion and love, KD stated, "We weren't intended to be here. You made us believe. You kept us off the streets. You placed clothing on our backs and food on the table. When you weren't eating, you made sure we ate. You went to bed hungry. "You made a sacrifice for us." 


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