WATCH: Throwback to Lewis Hamilton driving on three wheels to win the British Grand Prix 2020

Autosport: Lewis Hamilton claimed a famous win against Max Verstappen in the British Grand Prix 2020. In the last lap, the Mercedes driver managed to hold on to the lead despite a punctured tire.

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WATCH: Throwback to Lewis Hamilton's insane catchup ft. Max Verstappen in British GP 2020
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Lewis Hamilton claimed a sensational win at the British Grand Prix 2020. As the new edition of the British GP is approaching, it is time to look at one of the most insane races in the history of Formula One. Till the last few minutes of the race, it seemed to be a boring affair with Hamilton dominating every opponent. His win seemed certain at one stage in the race. 

The Mercedes driver was sailing through in the race. As he entered the last lap, Max Verstappen was about 20 seconds behind him. The engineers mentioned it before Lewis pointed out that something seemed to have happened to the left front tyre of his car. The engineers informed him that his challenger, Max, was 20 seconds away from him.

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Lewis displayed a tremendous game presence. Usually, one would indulge in a change of tyre, which would result in a waste of time. However, Hamilton did not stop and continued to drive. He understood that even a slight waste of time would result in Max overtaking him. Despite the punctured tyre, Lewis drove with a car whose pace hit badly.

Lewis Hamilton comfortably finishes the race despite the hiccups

There was a visible change in the pace at which the car was operated. The gap between Lewis and Verstappen gradually came down from 20 seconds to 15, 12, and eventually to 8 seconds, almost like a spoiler to the difference between their strengths in the years to come. The engineer seemed a bit nervous in the way he spoke to Lewis.

But the experienced driver was confident to get the job done. Despite the Red Bull racer coming close to him, Hamilton pulled off a great win, as he managed to complete the entire last lap with just three tyres. The instructor yelled "That's it mate! You've done it! You've done it!" expressing his elation. After the race, Lewis claimed that it eventually got a bit closer than expected.

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