'Hat trick incoming Oscar'- Fans react to Oscar Piastri's social media post with Cricket World Cup winning skipper Pat Cummins

McLaren driver Oscar Piastri's post with Australian star pacer and World Cup-winning skipper Pat Cummins goes viral on social media. Two talented Aussies together.

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Piastri and cummins

Pat Cummins and Oscar Piastri (Source- X)

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Formula One has had some great races so far and there are a lot of talented drivers in the set-up that have impressed us a lot this season. After Red Bull, it is the McLaren team that is having an equally great season with phenomenal performances from their drivers. Though we have said a lot of praises of Lando Norris we cannot ignore the efforts of their number 2 driver Oscar Piastri who has impressed us a lot.

Oscar Piastri is currently 5th in rankings and has got two podium finishes to his name this season. It has been great to see him perform getting a P2 finish in the Monaco and Austrian Grand Prix which are one of the toughest races of the season. The Australian is still just 23 years old and has a bright future ahead of him. We would like to see him perform even more consistently going forward in this season and go on to become one of the biggest names in autosports racing.

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Piastri and Cummins together

We all know that Piastri is one of the biggest sporting icons in Australia, but this time he was seen on social media with Aussie World Cup-winning skipper Pat Cummins. It was great to see these two sporting icons together on Piastri's social media post with the caption ' Bowling royalty meets part-time medium pacer. This post has gone viral as the fans were happy to see the upcoming star in Formula One meet one of the iconic figures in Australian cricket. What makes this even more memorable is Piastri showing respect to Cummins who has been one of the most successful captains for the team right now.

It was great to see two great Australian Sporting icons together where one is known to blaze past his opponents on the track while the other is known to give batters nightmares on the cricket field with his amazing pace and swing bowling. These are moments to cherish and this is surely a big moment for the young driver who has met another great sportsman who is making big strides in the sporting World.

Here is how the fans have reacted-


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