Ferrari set to introduce these eight key changes in new SF-24 at Imola GP

After facing a lot of struggles in the initial stage of the Formula 1 season 2024, Ferrari faced a setback in Miami after McLaren dominated them.

Shubham Shekhar
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SF-24 of Ferrari

SF-24 of Ferrari (Source: Twitter/X)

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After facing a lot of struggles in the initial stage of the Formula 1 season 2024, Ferrari faced a setback in Miami after McLaren dominated them. Feeling the heat of the challengers Ferrari is set to make a comeback in Imola GP with some iconic changes. 

According to the team, they are looking to make at least eight key changes to their SF-24 to compete and challenge Red Bull and McLaren in upcoming races. The most notable adjustment is the adoption of an overbite sidepod inlet arrangement, resembling Red Bull's design. 

This alteration includes connecting the new horizontal inlet with the bypass duct's inlet beside the chassis, resulting in a P-shaped inlet. Consequently, the outlet beside the cockpit and halo has been removed, with vanes becoming more stylized and resembling a Cobra when viewed from the front.

Switching from an underbite to an overbite modifies the height of the sidepod's undercut, allowing more airflow capture around the bodywork. This change enables optimization of surfaces, improving flow to the car's rear and adjusting the waistline considerably. 

Significant changes in floor design to improve downforce!

Furthermore, Ferrari refreshed the engine cover and cooling outlets, incorporating a larger single outlet similar to the one used in Japan. The floor's surface has undergone detailed changes, with alterations to the scrolled forward section of the edge wing and bolder strakes. 

Moreover, adjustments to the edge wing's profile downstream and changes in support bracketry around the floor's split line have been made. Notably, the team has revisited a solution from 2023 for bracketry, potentially indicating past performance benefits. 

The rear wing has also been modified to increase the upper flap's wingspan and enhance efficiency by adjusting the tip vortex. These alterations involve a squarer profile for the tip section, a shorter support bracket, and exposure of more of the main plane's trailing edge and endplate cutout, granting designers more freedom in optimizing their shape.

Here is the list of changes made by Ferrari: 

  1. Overbite sidepod inlet arrangement
  2. Creating more P-shaped intel similar to Alpine and Mercedes 
  3. Discontinuation of Halo
  4. Adjusted waistline and optimized surface to improve flow to the rear of the car 
  5. The scrolled forward section of the edge wing has been altered
  6. Another horseshoe bracket is thrown into the mix allowing more segmentation 
  7. Reconfiguring the sidepod bodywork and cooling parameters
  8. The rear wing has also been altered
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