WWE veteran bats for Roman Reigns' return at Money in the Bank 2024

WWE: A veteran of the company has claimed Roman Reigns could return at the Money in the Bank 2024. Mark Henry spoke about similar possibilities in the past.

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WWE veteran bats for Roman Reigns' return at Money in the Bank 2024

WWE veteran bats for Roman Reigns' return at Money in the Bank 2024 (Source: X)

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Bill Apter has spoken about the return of Roman Reigns in a recent interview. The veteran claimed that Jimmy Uso and Roman could return and address the domination of the Bloodline. Bill spoke about the Bloodline taking out Paul Heyman on Smackdown. He felt the Wiseman could have a heart attack, which didn't. Bill made a big claim on Roman.

Apter felt that Roman could return and tell to the current Bloodline that he is still their Tribal Chief and the Head of the Table. He felt the old Bloodline consisting of Jey Uso, Jimmy, and Paul could return to address the team of Solo Sikoa and others. "I think similar to Judgment Day, Roman Reigns is gonna come back and say yes I am still your Head of the Table. Your Tribal Chief," said Apter.

"And he, and Heyman, Jey Uso, and maybe Jimmy Uso will come back, will have their own Bloodline affiliation and they will feud with the other guys. With the other Bloodline. That's what I think is gonna happen," added the veteran in his statement in the interview. It resembled the opinions of Mark Henry who had a similar take on Roman's return.

Roman Reigns to have the biggest face turn since Shawn Michaels?

The former WWE star claimed that the return of Reigns could lead to the biggest face turn after Shawn Michaels. The world's strongest man felt that among all the top faces of the company, Shawn stood out the most due to his character. Henry claimed that Shawn was able to make girls cry and jump over the barricade with his act.

"There's been a lot of great babyfaces, but nobody saw one like The Heartbreak Kid, baby. I've seen girls in the front row crying, with Shawn reaching out to them, like, 'Help me! They're killing me!' Every time that I've seen somebody jump over the barricade to go help somebody, it was somebody jumping over the barricade to help Shawn,'' said Henry in an interview.

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