Does Uncle Howdy's original story have anything to do with Bray Wyatt?

WWE: A set of Uncle Howdy's equipment via the QR code transmissions has gone viral. An important part of them has been a note written by him which has many speculations.

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Uncle Howdy (Source: X)

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Uncle Howdy's latest transmission through QR codes has created a sensation. His return to the ring has been the talk of the town. While he could return at any point in time, it seems like WWE is not hurrying his return at any stretch. There is a report that is doing rounds claiming about the potential faction under Uncle Howdy. It has some of the best wrestlers on the roster.

Bo Dallas and Alexa Bliss are some of the names doing rounds. Amidst the rumors, a new QR code transmission of Howdy has gone viral on X. It is a message with some other elements in it. One of them is an undisclosed image where nothing seems to be present. But in reality, there is a clue dropped on potentially two persons. It is very creative.

In another element, a book seems to be placed upside down with some work going behind the scenes. Likewise, there is an element in which a pendrive is being plugged indicating something is being transferred. In the same image, one can see a date written - 16th May 2024. Is it the date of Uncle Howdy's return? That's what the fans are wondering at the moment.

Has Uncle Howdy called Bray Wyatt a liar?

The most popular element of the transmission has been a message that reads "I reminded him of who he was. I showed him his lies. Now he shows me his vision. It is beautiful." It has been a cryptic message. While nothing has been sure about the message, the fans are wondering if it is a dig from Uncle for Bray Wyatt. The duo shared a history with each other.

If what the speculations suggest are to be believed, did Howdy call Wyatt a liar? If yes, why so? Many such questions are creating interest among the fans to wait for the return of Uncle Howdy. It is being reported that he might return to NXT. But there seems to be no confirmation on the same, as his return to the main roster can be better.