Top ten WWE signature moves

For the fans, there is an allure and moment of excitement as soon as a wrestler is set to perform his signature move. Here we cast a closer look at the top ten WWE signature moves.

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WWE signature moves (Source: X)

WWE signature moves (Source: X)

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Pro Wrestling has given its fans a lot of over the characters as well as some amazing wrestlers. World Wrestling Entertainment for the last 50 years has been at the forefront of putting smiles on many fans' faces. 

WrestleMania 40 is around the corner and the two-day affair is set to be a glittering affair. The Rock is set to wrestle his first match in over a decade with his cousin Roman Reigns. For the fans, there is an allure and moment of excitement as soon as a wrestler is set to perform his signature move. 

Here we cast a closer look at the top ten WWE signature moves: 

10 – Rey Mysterio – 619 

Rey Mysterio – 619 

Despite nearing the age of 50, Rey Mysterio still is the best high-flying talent in Pro Wrestling history. The former World Heavyweight Champion gained a lot of fans for his signature move the 619. Using tremendous skills and movements Rey Mysterio performs a perfect kick to his opponents on the rope. The moment the wrestler signals for the move the fans stand up in unison to chant 6-1-9 as the move is performed. 

9 – Bill Goldberg – Spear 

Bill Goldberg – Spear 

The spear is nothing but a front-on-shoulder tackle like it is done in Rugby or American Football. Many professional wrestlers have performed this move, but no one is as good and dangerous as Bill Goldberg. The WWE Hall of Famer like a rampaging bull waits for his fallen opponent in the corner. Just as the dizzied wrestler turns around Goldberg runs and tackles him with the spear which is his signature move. 

8- Brock Lesnar – German Suplex 

Brock Lesnar – German Suplex 

When Brock Lesnar made his WWE debut in 2002, he was known to use the power-bomb and F5 as his finisher. Once he returned to Professional Wrestling in 2012, the Beast Incarnate added yet another devastating move. Brock Lesnar made German Suplex his signature move to show his dominance over his opponents. WWE made the move even more popular thanks to Paul Heyman’s “Suplex City” quote. 

7- Ric Flair – Chops to the chest 

Ric Flair – Chops to the chest 

One of the most visually painful moves in Professional Wrestling is the Ric Flair Chops to the chest. The move is performed with a backhanded or open-handed slap to the opponent’s chest. Many wrestlers have tried to replicate the move, but no one has done it better than Ric Flair. The Nature Boy has made this his signature move and gets the fans to WOOOOO with every chop.

6- John Cena – Attitude Adjustment 

John Cena – Attitude Adjustment 

Former WWE Champion John Cena has been using the Attitude Adjustment as his signature move for a long time. This is also his finishing move and fans love to see the leader of Cenation hoist his opponent on his shoulder like a fireman’s carry and drop his opponent on the ground. 

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5- Jake Roberts – DDT 

Jake Roberts – DDT

During the 1980’s Jake Roberts was the biggest Professional Wrestling name in the world. He was the only man who could rival Hulk Hogan for his popularity, and it was because of one move. DDT became a popular signature move for many fans and children as they were eager to perform it on their friends. 

4- Hulk Hogan – Big Boot 

Hulk Hogan – Big Boot

Professional Wrestling and WWE became famous because of Hulk Hogan. After winning his first WWE Championship, Hulk Hogan became a household name. One of his signature moves is the big boot which he performs to knock his opponent in their stride. The fans in attendance would get out a huge roar just as the Big Boot was performed. 

3- The Undertaker – Chokeslam 

The Undertaker – Chokeslam

In his three-decade career in the WWE, the Undertaker became one of the biggest names in professional wrestling. The former WWE legend used the Tombstone Piledriver as his finishing move. But the Undertaker’s biggest signature move is the Chokeslam. Fans rose in delight as he looked at his opponent and put his hands on their neck. This was followed by Undertaker lifting his foe in the air and slamming him on the ground. 

2- Stone Cold Steve Austin – Lou Thesz Press 

 Stone Cold Steve Austin – Lou Thesz Press

One of the greatest wrestlers to have ever graced the ring, Stone Cold Steve Austin was symbolic of the Attitude era. The Stone-Cold Stunner was his finisher which ended the contests and had the fans going crazy. The signature move for the Texas Rattlesnake was the Lou Thesz Press. Austin would leap over his opponents and just as they were running towards him, he would jump-tackle them and rain blows.

1. The Rock- People’s Elbow 

The Rock- People’s Elbow

The Most electrifying man in sports and all of entertainment connected with the fans like no other man could. His promos in 3rd person were a huge hit as were his insults to the opponents. One of the biggest signature moves in WWE history is the Rock performing his People’s Elbow. During an interview, The Rock said that the move was to make the Undertaker laugh. The removal of the elbow pads was followed by Rock delivering an elbow to his opponent who was on the mat.