Top Ten Iconic Catchphrases in WWE History

It is said that to gauge the popularity of any wrestler in WWE one has to check how the crowd reacts. Over the years many wrestlers have caught their fancy with the fans with their iconic catchphrases. 

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The Undertaker-The Rock (source: Twitter)

The Undertaker-The Rock (source: Twitter)

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Wrestling is called theatre and athletics mixed. The World of Professional Wrestling is not only the action inside the ring but a bout is being sold. The essence of Professional Wrestling is also how popular a wrestler is with the fans. 

It is said that to gauge the popularity of any wrestler one has to check how the crowd reacts. Over the years many wrestlers have caught their fancy with the fans with their iconic catchphrases. 

In this article, we cast a look at the top ten iconic catchphrases in WWE:

10- Macho Man Randy Savage – "Oh Yeah Dig It!"

 Macho Man Randy Savage (Source: Twitter)

In the late 1980s till his retirement, the name Macho Man Randy Savage made the fans go crazy. His distinct voice and his ability to sell a story on the mic brought the gates rushing to watch him fight. Randy Savage was famous for ending his promo with an “Oh Yeah Dig It” to the fans. 

9- Scott Hall – "Hey Yo!"

 Scott Hall  (Source: Twitter)

Scott Hall made his name in the World Wrestling Entertainment under the Razor Ramon moniker. The gimmick was based on the Scarface movie as Scott Hall came out with a toothpick in his mouth. Years, after he left his Razor Ramon, gimmick the crowd still cheered hugely when they heard the iconic catchphrase “Hey Yo”

8- Mick Foley – "Bang! Bang!"

Mick Foley (Source: Twitter)

The former WWE Champion made his fame and fortune outside of WWE as Mick Foley or Cactus. The legendary grappler was known for his hardcore and deathmatches. Mick Foley’s iconic catchphrase of “Bang! Bang” became famous more during the Attitude Era. 

7- CM Punk – “I am the best in the world”

CM Punk (Source: Twitter)

Former WWE Champion CM Punk shocked the world when he returned to the WWE after nearly 10 years. From 2011 to 2014 there was no better wrestler than CM Punk who captivated the fans worldwide. The most iconic catchphrase of CM Punk was his proclamation “I Am The Best In The World”

6 – The Undertaker – "Rest In Peace"

 The Undertaker (Source: Twitter)

For over three decades the gong and the entrance of The Undertaker sent chills down the spine of fans and opponents. The Hall of Famer made a career of being called the deadman and this is where his iconic catchphrase of “ Rest in Peace” came about. 

5- Triple H – “I Am The Game”

Triple H (Source: Twitter)

Fans now know Triple H as a suit-wearing WWE executive who works behind the camera. But the 90’s kids know what a brilliant mind Triple H has for the business. Former WWE commentator Jim Ross called him a student of the game. This is where the iconic catchphrase “I am the Game” was born. 

4- Roman Reigns – "Acknowledge Me!"

Roman Reigns (Source: Twitter)

The hottest act in all of professional wrestling Roman Reigns has embraced the hate of the fans and turned it into a positive. His iconic catchphrase of Acknowledge Me sets the fans going as the WWE Champion gets a huge reaction across arenas. 

3- The Rock – “If You Smell What The Rock Is Cooking”

The Rock (Source: Twitter)

Dwayne Johnson or The Rock is now back in the WWE doing what he does best, which is entertaining the fans. The People’s Champ is known to be gold on the mic and can cut the best promos in the business. The Rock ends his promo with a huge “If you smell what the rock is cooking” that is often repeated by the fans. 

2- John Cena – “You Can’t See Me”

 John Cena  (source: Twitter)

Very early in the WWE career, John Cena did a gimmick that went over with the fans well. The 46-year-old had the fans going crazy with his raps and also taunted his opponents by saying “You Can’t See Me” and this has become an iconic catchphrase amongst the fans. 

1. Stone Cold Steve Austin - “And That’s the bottom line because Stone Cold said so”

Stone Cold Steve Austin (Source: Twitter)

During the height of the WWE Attitude Era, no star was as big as Stone Cold Steve Austin. The Texas Rattlesnake is still a popular name and has the fans going crazy despite being retired for nearly two decades. His most iconic catchphrase “And that’s the bottom line because Stone Cold said so” saw fans rattle along. This normally also served as a warning that a win was guaranteed for Austin to his opponents.