'It got so bad that I was like asking for requests' - The tribal chief Roman Reigns recalls pandemic days with no live audience

WWE: Roman Reigns and The Rock attended an interview with Fallon ahead of their WrestleMania XL match together. The tribal chief was asked about the record-breaking ticket sale of the latest Monday Night Raw episode.

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The Rock and Roman Reigns were in the show of Fallon ahead of the Wrestle Mania XL. The members of the bloodline were asked about a lot of things in the show. The two appeared in the show right after the Monday Night Raw which witnessed an all-time record in terms of the number of tickets sold. The tribal chief and The Rock were asked to react to the monumental feat.

Recalling the days when WWE used to struggle to attract an audience due to the bad storyline and the pandemic, Roman was animatic. The Undisputed WWE Universal champion claimed that it was good to witness so many people in the arena. The WWE Superstar claimed that the atmosphere was great in Brooklyn, which was echoed by The Rock as well.

The two members of the Bloodline recalled their days of struggling as wrestlers back in their younger days to now being responsible for selling the record-breaking count for a Monday Night Raw show. About 15460 people were in Brooklyn to witness the greatness. Roman then recalled the pandemic days of WWE where he had to perform in front of a virtual audience. 

'It’s been bad, but we’re in a really, really good place right now' - Roman Reigns

The tribal chief claimed that the lightest show he ever did was for just two people. Roman added that he was requesting people to watch them perform live. Reigns claimed that the current situation is way too better than the day when there was a lack of turnout. "The lightest show I’ve ever done was two people. Just two, yeah. It got so bad that I was like asking for requests," said Roman.

"‘What do you wanna see?’ So it’s been bad, but we’re in a really, really good place right now," added the Tribal chief. The Rock added that it would be great to perform in front of a record crowd turnout which is expected to be in the arena in Philadelphia in the Wrestle Mania XL. For the first time in a long time, the people's champ will be in action. 

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