WATCH: Real or Scripted? The Rock uploads off-air footage of his brawl with Cody Rhodes on Monday Night Raw

WWE: Taking to social media, The Rock posted footage of an off-air segment between him and Cody Rhodes which he claimed to be after the Monday Night Raw got over.

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The Rock took to his several social media handles and posted footage. On Monday Night Raw, there was a brawl between the Bloodline and the trio of Seth Rollins, Jey Uso, and Cody Rhodes. The brawl led to the Rock taking down Rhodes in the backstage. The footage of the same was aired in the arena and the fans had a mixed reaction to it.

After the show went off-air, one was not sure what transpired behind the scenes. To show the fans what happened after it, the Rock posted a video which he claimed to be of the moments after the Raw went off the air. In the video, The Rock can be seen claiming that he is the Final boss and one can dictate to him what to do and what not to.

Check the video of the Rock here:

In the video, the Rock is seen ordering the camera persons to not stop him from humiliating the American Nightmare. The people's champ wrote a long message on social media and claimed that he could not stop if the show foes off. He added that the feelings remain the same irrespective of whether the show is on air or off air.

The Rock smashes Cody Rhodes with 'Mamma Rhodes' belt

In the footage, it was further seen that the 10-time world champion smashed the winner of the Royal Rumble 2023 and 2024 with a belt. The white belt had the name of Cody Rhodes's mother on it. As the blood of Cody was flowing through his forehead, the great one took them and applied them to the belt and claimed it to be a tribute to Mamma Rhodes. 

The Rock claimed that he does not like what is being told to him regarding a show without considering that the story has a certain element of emotion in it. "I hate constraints and bullshit rules - and just because some @wwe producer says, "clear" (meaning, we are no longer live on the air and the show is over) that doesn't mean I just stop whatever I'm doing and tell everyone great job," wrote The Rock on X. 

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