Gunther attacks Chad Gable and Sami Zayn ahead of WrestleMania XL

WWE: As Sami Zayn was fighting Bronson Reed during a scheduled match, Gunther distracted him by taking down Chad Gable. Sami addressed Gable's situation but was attacked by Gunther.

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Gunther attacked the duo of Sami Zayn and Chad Gable ahead of his match against Sami in the WrestleMania XL. The Intercontinental champion is set to defend his title at the biggest WrestleMania with full confidence. He took to Raw and warned the duo of Sami and Gable of what would transpire in WrestleMania as far as the title defence is concerned.

Generally, the Ring General is not involved in cheap shots like those. However, a confident Sami Zayn 'trained' by Gable seemed to have moved the longest-reigning Intercontinental champion. As the match between Bronson Reed and Sami took place and the former had an upper hand, Gunther brought a taken-down Gable to the arena. Zayn was moments away from finishing the match.

As the former Intercontinental champion had the advantage of claiming a win against big Bronson Reed, he saw Gable being taken down by Gunther. Sami was quick to look at what happened with Gable. That was when Gunther attacked Zayn. The Ring General was merciless and sported the usual smile on his face while beating the hell out of his WM challenger. The crowd cheered for Sami to fight back.

A Momentary surprise for Gunther

Gunther beat down Sami and showed what he would do in the WrestleMania. However, Sami showed confidence and did not give up. Despite being beaten up badly, Sami stood up and held his ground. It surprised even an ultra-confident Superstar like Gunther. The confidence of Sami did not go well with the champion. He then attacked Sami with his belt to have the last laugh. 

The match between Reed and Zayn did not resume. Earlier that night, a promo revealed the 'special' training of Sami and Gable. The latter inspired the former to give his everything to train as hard as possible to give a great fight to Gunther on the big day. The confidence in Zayn was visible when he took on Reed in the match. A win against the Big Bronson Reed would help his confidence a lot.