WATCH: Tennis legend Roger Federer's new documentary film trailer released by Amazon Prime video

The 20-time Grand Slam Champion and legend Roger Federer's new documentary film ' Roger Federer: Twelve Final Days' trailer is officially released by Amazon Prime Video.

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The holy trinity is one of the biggest stories of tennis which every tennis fan has grown up watching. The legendary rivalries between Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic are something to be admired by everyone who has witnessed the three battle it out on the court. This has really been a story of three tennis world-class players who have completely dominated the game and established themselves as legends of the game.

The era of this trinity though was started by the Swiss legend Roger Federer himself. The 200s were the period when Roger Federer came into the limelight and started his rise to the top of the game. Roger Federer by 2005 was the next big thing in tennis and continued his dominance throughout. It has been a decorated and legendary 24-year career with over 100 ATP singles titles and 20 major grand slam titles. Undoubtedly, he is regarded as one of the greatest to ever play the game.

Federer's documentary trailer released

Just like every other great sportsman Federer's new documentary film was also going to work. The Swiss Maestro's trailer for his new film titled ' Roger Federer: Twelve Final Days' has officially been released by Amazon Prime Video. The trailer already gives you a glimpse of Federer's entire career and also brings up his final twelve days before his official retirement two years ago. There is no doubt there will be plenty of tennis fans who will be hyped to watch this film celebrating one of the most iconic athletes we have ever known

Watch the video below-

The trailer has already racked up close to a million views in just 40 minutes as well. This film is expected to tell the story of Roger Federer and his impressive career and will also highlight some of his biggest rivalries in the game. There are also some inspirational stories and personal background glimpses which will also be something that will interest a viewer who wants to get to know the legendary athlete and his rise to success within the world of sports. we all know everyone will be waiting for the 20th of June for the film to be released on the OTT platform.

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