WATCH: Roger Federer gives an iconic speech after receiving his doctrate

Roger Federer receives an honorary doctorate for his philanthropic work and gives an iconic speech at Dartmouth College. Swiss Maestro delivers with his motivational words.

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The World of tennis has been known to give us a lot of great and legendary tennis players through the years and we all have looked up to these famous athletes. One of the biggest legends in the game is none other than Roger Federer. The Swiss Maestro is one of the game's gems, and we cannot forget his contribution.

Roger Federer is arguably regarded as one of the best in the world with 20 Grand Slams and over a hundred ATP titles. He is also the first member of the Holy Trinity who has given us some of the best moments in the game. The number of rivalries and triumphs he has had in the game cannot be matched by a lot of players and we all have always enjoyed every aspect of his career through his phenomenal career.

Dr Federer delivers his speech

Apart from his contribution to the world of sports, Federer is also known for his contribution off the court as well, with his philanthropic work. This has resulted in the legendary sportsman getting an honorary doctorate in Humane Letters. Federer has gone on to give a speech at Dartmouth College and he instantly connects with the students in his stories and there is no doubt that this will motivate a lot of great people going forward.

Watch the video below-

This was a heartfelt speech given by the Swiss Maestro, who is not known to be very outspoken at all, it was still a speech where Federer shared glimpses of his personality which we have never seen before. It is safe to say that Federer has delivered once again and this time instead of the racket has used his words on the occasion.

Roger Federer