WATCH: Alexander Zverev opens up on his struggle with Diabetes

World number 4 and Roland Garros 2024 finalist Alexander Zverev opens up on his struggles with type 1 Diabetes. An inspirational story for everyone to learn from.

Aiman Sharma
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Alexander Zverev (Source- Instagram)

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We have seen a lot of great performances in the recently concluded Roland Garros 2024 season who have given impeccable performances in the Grand Slam tournament. One of the iconic performances was from German sensation Alexander Zverev, who went on to play in his first-ever French Open final, where he won some big games in his incredible journey in the tournament that we have been looking forward to as fans.

Though Alexander Zverev did not end up with a Grand Slam, he is definitely one of the best players in the setup of this generation. He has given a lot of iconic matches that we can never forget. Zverev has still had a great career so far where he has won an Olympic Gold medal in 2020 and has won 22 ATP titles. He is also one of the few players to have a win over all the players in the Holy Trinity as well. This Roland Garros tournament is a great example of what he is capable of in the long run.

Zverev on his diabetes

Even though we all know about Zverev the player and what he has achieved, in a recent Instagram post we also got to know a bit about his personal life. One of the major reveals in the video was when the two-time Grand Slam finalist was talking about his struggle with type-1 diabetes. It is always tough for a professional sportsman to play with a chronic illness and to know that the German has gone on to achieve a great career despite this is something to admire. Through this Zverev has also gone on to talk about how he was bullied in school for this and how it was tough living with it growing up.

Watch the video below:

This story will really inspire a lot of people all over the world, who are fighting with these issues themselves and are still pursuing a career in sports. The fact that Zverev has gone on to share this story with the world is something we should appreciate as his biggest fans and admirers of his great career so far.

Alexander Zverev