The life of Jannik Sinner, know about his net worth, model girlfriend and everything

Check out the lifestyle of Jannik Sinner and what makes him the upcoming star in the future of Tennis. his net worth, personal life and family will all be covered on Sports info.

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Jannik Sinner and his girlfriend (Source: Google).png

Jannik Sinner and his girlfriend (Source: Google)

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There have been a lot of talented young players who have impressed everyone in the world of tennis. Jannik Sinner is one of those upcoming players who has started to come into the limelight. It is a great story of a young boy born in Sexten, Italy to one of the biggest and most popular tennis players in the world. Sinner is currently ranked number 3 in the ATP rankings and will be playing in the finals of the Miami Open against Grigori Dimitrov.

The career of Jannik Sinner has been impressive throughout. Sinner has won 12 singles titles already and will be looking for his 13th. Sinner reached his first grand slam playoff in 2020, where he lost to Rafael Nadal in the quarter-finals. He got to his first second quarter finals in 2022 in the US Open where he lost in an intense game against Carlos Alacaraz. The 2023 Wimbledon semi-final was one of the tournaments that established him as a top-talent prospect. The 2024 Australian Open is where he had his first Grand Slam title where he beat the likes of Novak Djokovic and Daniil Medvedev.

Jannick Sinner's family, net worth and personal life

We all know Sinner is one of the most iconic tennis players right now, but it will be interesting to see what his family, lifestyle and personal life look like. Sinner is 22 years old and has already achieved a lot in the game and this time we will be looking into the life of this sensational young superstar, who is already a world-class aggressive baseliner in the game.


Jannik Sinner's Parents and Siblings (Source: Aceify)
Jannik Sinner's Parents and Siblings (Source: Aceify)

Jannik Sinner like any other young prospect was born in Sexten Italy to his mother and father who worked as a waitress and a chef in a Ski lodge. This led Sinner to be involved in multiple sports namely Skiing and football apart from tennis. Sinner was a sportsman by birth and was told by his parents to continue to pursue Tennis seeing his incredible talent in the game.

Net worth

Source: The Sun
Source: The Sun

Sinner net worth is said to be approximately around 15 million. This is still a great amount of money for a young Tennis player. Even with this money Sinner still lives in a normal peaceful residence in Monaco. Some people say this is to avoid tax problems, but he says it just gives a lifestyle for conducive peak performance and well-being. This shows the forward thinking of the young Italian star, who even after earning great money through his successful career is still keeping a balanced lifestyle.

Personal life

Maria Braccini (Source: Eva300)
Maria Braccini (Source: Eva300)

Jannik Sinner has right now kept his personal life private with his family and his relationships. Sinner was revealed to be in a relationship with model and social media influencer Maria Braccini. There is right now not much information or public posts by the couple. Sinner has made it clear that he does not feel that he has to make his personal life public right now since he does not want any distractions early into his career.

These are great ideologies by the upcoming star, who might still enjoy some of the glamour and the fame but does not let it lose his entire focus going forward. It is safe to say that Sinner is in a great place right now and it will be great to see him perform with the same consistency as he is doing right now. This lifestyle and perks make him the player he is today and we enjoy seeing him perform on the court.