Lionel Scaloni challenges European teams to participate in Copa America

Lionel Scaloni gives his views on European and American football and its difference. Honest statement by the Argentina World cup winning coach.

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Lionel Scaloni (Source- New York Times)

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There is a big discussion on how European and American football organisations run during the season. This season has brought up a lot of problems where the European championship has better conditions and grounds compared to the Copa America tournament happening in the United States of America. Many experts have given their views on this issue.

There have been a lot of issues faced by the players in the Copa America regarding the conditions of the grounds which has been a huge debate. The Argentina team were the one who brought up the problems with the pitches and the atmosphere and compared them to the German grounds in the Euros 2024. It is safe to say that there are not a lot of happy faces on these matters.

Scaloni on European and American football

Argentina World Cup-winning coach Lionel Scaloni also had a major issue in this tournament and how the conditions were very poor for football. Scaloni was even asked on topics on how European football is different from American tournaments. Scaloni went on to make a bold statement on how the two organisations can benefit from each other saying " I would like for a European nation to be invited to a Copa América sometime so they can see what it's like to play here, and also the other way around with the Euro's."

This was an honest opinion given by the Argentine whose team will be playing their semi-final match against Canada. This will be a way where both the teams can benefit from each other and see the difference in the playing conditions and atmosphere. It's great to see revered figures like Lionel Scaloni take a stand for the beautiful game and how it can improve going forward.


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