Italian Open: Naomi Osaka eliminated after brutal loss against Qinwen Zheng in 4th round

Naomi Osaka faces brutal straight loss in the fourth round of the Italian Open after loss to Qinwin Zheng. The comeback title is still waiting for the former world number 1.

Aiman Sharma
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There are a lot of players who need to make a comeback in order to remain on top of the game. There have been a lot of players who have completely fallen off the radar due to poor form or injuries. One of the players who has gone down this route is Naomi Osaka. The last time the Japanese were the world number 1 in the game was in 2019 and is currently trying to get back to her best after a series of disappointing games.

Naomi Osaka was in the Italian Open and had a chance to make it to a playoff in the WTA tour. She was up against seven-seeded player Qinwin Zheng who is a top 10-ranked player and also a finalist in the Australian Open. Though this was never going to be an easy win for the former world number 1 and 4-time grand slam champion, we still expected her to win and get her season on track in this game.

Osaka misses out on the quarters

This was a chance for Osaka to finally get a chance to win a WTA title which has not been in her grasp at all this season. Unfortunately, her chances were ruined as Zheng managed to outplay her and ruin her chances in the game. Osaka faced a brutal defeat as she had lost in two straight sets losing 6 games to 2 in the first set and 6 games to 4 in the second. It is safe to say that this was another game where the Japanese had one of her most underwhelming performances

This was heartbreaking to see since the 26-year-old was looking good in the tournament with some great performances which was set to make it a breakthrough season for her. Unfortunately, she had to face the wrath of the upcoming Chinese talent who has been equally impressive this season. We still hope Osaka can make a great comeback in the upcoming tournaments and get back into the top rankings of the game.


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