In my eyes, He's better at 21 than...'- Boris Becker gives a surprising statement featuring Carlos Alcaraz

Boris Becker makes a big statement regarding Carlos Alcaraz after Roland Garros win on Matchball Becker. A lot of debate and questions will be asked regarding his words.

Aiman Sharma
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becker and alcaraz

Boris Becker and Carlos Alcaraz (Source- Getty images)

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It is a day to celebrate for Carlos Alcaraz as he once again achieves one of the biggest dreams in tennis history. The Spaniard at the age of just 21 has gone on to win one of the toughest tournaments in the sport by beating Alexander Zverev in a brutal 5-set final match. This has been a great tournament for Alcaraz as he shows once again why he is one of the best players on Clay right now.

Carlos Alcaraz has already broken major records after this French Open victory as he won Grand Slam titles on all surfaces at the age of just 21. This has made him the youngest player to ever do it. This has not only etched his name in history but has also brought him back to being the World number 2 after a phenomenal comeback victory after being injured most of the Clay season. It has been a great tournament where we have witnessed some great performances from him.

Boris Becker makes a big comparison

There have been a lot of legendary players in the World of tennis and one of them is none other than former World number 1 and 6-time Grand Slam winner Boris Becker. The former legend has recently an expert and is part of the show Matchball Becker. During the show, Becker made a big comparison regarding the Spaniard saying " In my eyes, he's better at 21 than Nadal, Djokovic or Federer at the same age". This statement has gone viral and has caused a massive debate on social media.

This is perhaps one of the boldest comparisons made by the legend in this show, where he has compared the upcoming star to the big three, who are regarded as the legends of the game. It is still early days for Alcaraz in the game where it would not be a wise decision to compare him to the Holy Trinity. However, this is another statement that holds the Spaniard to high standards in the sport, which will make us eager to see him in the future as well.

Carlos Alcaraz