'Hopefully I'll reach the 24, but...'- Carlos Alcaraz on his chances of breaking Novak Djokovic's records

Carlos Alcaraz is right now on a high after winning his first-ever Roland Garros title after beating Alexander Zverev in a thrilling final. answers on the possibility of breaking Djokovic's record in the future.

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The 9th of June was a great day in tennis where we got to witness one of the best Roland Garros finals between Carlos Alcaraz and Alexander Zverev. Both these players gave it their all in this iconic Grand Slam final and saw a thrilling game that came down to all 5 sets. This was a great match between the two big stars in tennis right now. 

The match eventually went in favour of Carlos Alcaraz who won his first Roland Garros title and 3rd Grand Slam title overall, at the age of 21 he also became the youngest player to win Grand Slam tournaments on all three surfaces, where he won the US Open in 2022, Wimbledon in 2023 and French Open in this current season. With this achievement and still having a lot of years, there are a lot of people who have already predicted that he is going to be one of the greats going forward as well and even go past the likes of Novak Djokovic in Grand Slam titles.

Alcaraz on his chances of surpassing Djokovic

There is no doubt that Alcaraz has already made big strides in his career at a very early age and is playing some of the best tennis we have ever seen. However, there is still a long way to go for him to surpass one of the current legends Novak Djokovic. Though there is no doubt that what he has shown us right now, there is a great chance he might achieve this in the future. While speaking about his chances The Spaniard has given a great statement saying " I just want to keep going, and let's see how many Grand Slams I'm gonna take at the end of my career. Hopefully reach the 24, but right now I'm going to enjoy my third one, and let's see in the future".

This statement proves that the young Spaniard is looking to stay in the present and take it one game at a time. We also have to remember that it has not been the best of Clay seasons for Alcaraz as he has sat most of it through injury. This was a great comeback victory and he has all the right to celebrate this great achievement and hope more will come going forward.

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