'I never ever want to hear another question......' - Alexander Zverev breaks silence on court settlement after magnificent win in semi final thriller at Roland Garros

Alexander Zverev has firmly expressed his desire to move on from the domestic abuse allegations levelled against him as his trial concludes with an out-of-court settlement.

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Tennis star Alexander Zverev has publicly expressed that he wants to leave the allegations of domestic abuse against him, behind him as his trial comes to an end with an out-of-court settlement. Speaking of which, while following his first appearance in the French Open final, the German defeated Casper Ruud in the epic semi-final thriller and placed himself in the final show, where he will be facing Carlos Alcaraz.

The mother of Zverev's three-year-old daughter, Brenda Patea, Zverev's ex-girlfriend, said last year that he had caused her "bodily harm," pressing her against a wall and strangling her following a heated argument. The World No. 4 was fined €450,000 by the Berlin prosecutor's agency after an initial investigation.

The 27-year-old, however, agreed with the ruling, which prompted a domestic abuse trial that started on Friday, May 31. The German's legal team asked that the trial be moved behind closed doors just one day after it started to keep his privacy.

The sides reached an out-of-court settlement, which brought the trial to an end on Friday, June 7, barely one week later. Although World No. 4 was reportedly fined the typical Euro 200,000, which would be split between government funds and charitable organisations.

I never ever want to hear another question about the subject again: Zverev

“Quite a day for you. I imagine that given the announcement this morning regarding the legal process that's been terminated, I'm curious if you could sort of share your thoughts about sort of that ending and then working through to this match you played, which is probably some of the best tennis you've ever played and sort of whether you feel like you're moving on from something,”  Zverev was asked.

“I told you so from the start. I told everybody. I'm happy that it's over. Yeah, nothing else to say. That's it. Four years. I'm happy about that. That's what dropping the case is. That is innocence. They're not going to drop the case if you're guilty at the end of the day. We move on. I never ever want to hear another question about the subject again. That goes out to everybody," he answered.

Alexander Zverev