5 Records Held by Roger Federer That May Never Be Broken

In his 24-year-long Tennis career, Roger Federer has been phenomenal with his skills and determination. Here are the records held by Roger Federer that may never be broken.

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Records Held by Roger Federer (Source: X)

Records Held by Roger Federer (Source: X)

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In his 24-year-long Tennis career, Roger Federer has been phenomenal with his skills and determination. The Swiss legend has won 20 Grand Slams and 103 singles tour-level titles in his illustrious career. His amazing skills and never-ending winning spirit saw him in numerous glorious moments during his career.

Despite having some great rivalries with upcoming youngsters and his counterparts Federer has always been a step ahead. So, in today's article, we will discuss about top 5 records held by Roger Federer which can never be broken. Breaking these records is next to impossible for the upcoming stars due to various issues including the longevity of a player.

Here are the records held by Roger Federer that may never be broken:

5. Most consecutive major finals

Roger Federer

The Swiss superstar has been phenomenal throughout his career. He dominated every aspect of the game and has been one of the most consistent players. Notably, Federer is the only player to qualify for the finals of Grass, Clay and Hard Fields for four or more consecutive years.

Swiss legend qualified for finals of the French Open from 2006 to 2009 consecutively. However, he won just once in 2009. From 2003 to 2009 Federer was one of the finalists in Wimbledon and won it every time except in 2008. Finally, at the US Open, Federer qualified for finals each year from 2004 to 2009 and won it each time except in 2009.

4. 6+ titles in seven events

Roger Federer

This is another great example of Roger Federer's dominance and consistency in the early 2000s. He dominated all the events in which he participated and became the only player to win six or more titles in seven different events. Federer reached ten consecutive finals in Basal and won it too making an open-ear record.

At Halle, he has won ten titles too while in Dubai and Wimbledon Federer has won eight titles. The Swiss superstar has won the Cincinnati Masters title for a record seven times. In the end, he won six titles each at the Australian Open and the year-end championship tournament. His amazing performances have established him as one of the most consistent performers all around the globe.

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3. Longest winning streak on grass court

Roger Federer

While talking about Roger Federer's dominance one can't forget his skilful performances at the Grass Court. The Swiss wizard has been phenomenal on Grass Court throughout his illustrious career with a winning percentage of 86.88. notably, this is the highest winning percentage for any player at Grass Court.

Federer has also won eight Wimbledon championships making a statement about his dominance. Between 2003 to 2010 Federer reached 13 consecutive finals on Grass Courts which is also a record in Open Era. He also has a record of most consecutive match victories in Grass Court i.e. 65 matches from 2003 to 2008.

2. Zero mid-match retirement

Roger Federer

During his illustrious 24-year-long Tennis career, Roger Federer never took a mid-match retirement. It reflects upon his agility, determination and fighting spirit which established him as one of the biggest superstars of the game. The Swiss legend participated in 1526 singles and 223 doubles matches and never withdrew from a game.

Notably, he has been one of those players who was least affected by injuries despite playing for such a long period. However, sometimes he was seen struggling with injury on the field but he never lost hope and continued to play the game until it got a result.

1. Longest no.1 player in the world

Roger Federer

With such a great commitment to the game and amazing skills, Roger Federer was destined to dominate the Tennis world. His amazing skills and performances helped him to get to the pinnacle of the World Tennis Rankings on February 2, 2004. However, no one could have predicted that Federer would become the man to spend most of his time there.

He held the position for a record 237 weeks. In this term, he set an open-era record of wire-to-wire world number 1 finishes for three consecutive years. Notably, in 2009 and 2012 he once again held the number 1 position for almost 48 and 17 weeks respectively. Notably, in 2018 at the age of 36 Federer became number 1 again which also positioned him as the oldest top-ranked player in the history of the Open era.



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