WATCH: Mustafa Ali reacts to 'cheating' allegations of Lio Rush

TNA: Mustafa Ali won the match against Lio Rush in the latest episode of TNA Impact. However, his opponent alleged 'cheating' in the match. Mustafa posted a video reacting to it.

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Mustafa Ali reacted to the cheating allegations from Lio Rush. In the latest episode of TNA Impact, Mustafa defended his title despite the foul play from Lio. After the match, Ali still attempted to extend the friendship. But Lio pushed Mustafa's hand away and accused him of cheating. It did not go well with Ali who later addressed the issue and gave his opinion on Lio.

The TNA X-Division Champion said that he is tired of the disrespect from Lio. He asked what more he should do to get respect from Rush. Mustafa boasted of his achievements like selling shows, breaking records for attendance, being the cover of PWI, defending the TNA X-Division Championship for a long time, and being the best super junior heavyweight in the world.

Watch Mustafa Ali's promo here -

Mustafa asked what more he needed to get Lio's respect. He revealed about donating to the charity match which was meant to be an exhibition. Ali felt sad that Rush jumped on him and assaulted him in the ring before the match, nearly putting his career in jeopardy. Mustafa claimed that he was gracious enough even in the victory to extend friendship.

'I don’t want to see you at a show again' - Mustafa Ali

Mustafa further expressed his opinion on Lio's cheating claims on him. Ali felt that he did not need to cheat to neat Lio. Ali felt that he was better than Rush in every aspect. Ali claimed that everything between him and Lio in the ring was over and wished to never see him again. "An executive order from your President Elect regarding Lio Rush's inexcusable actions this past weekend," wrote Ali on X.

"All I know is that you and me, this is done. This is over. I never want to see you in the ring again. I don’t want to see you at a show again. You are officially out, and that is an Executive Order from the President of Professional Wrestling, Mustafa Ali," said Mustafa in his promo. It seemed like Mustafa was hurt by the disrespect from Rush.

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