WATCH: Marcelo Bielsa gives his views on the current state of football this season

Marco Bielsa gives his views on how football can improve this season. Honest and great thoughts from the Uruguayan National coach on the issues.

Aiman Sharma
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Marcelo Bielsa (Source- Sports star Hindu)

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It has been an eventful season of football so far where we have had some surprising results. With the Euros and the Copa America going on this has become the most followed sport in the world right now. We have seen some great matches and some disappointing games as well which has led to some mixed reactions from the audience all over the place.

The European and American championships have suffered through the same phenomena where the players and fans have suffered through some problems with the pitch and some boring pieces of football from some great teams. Even the clubs have not had the best time playing this season where we might have had some great games, but it has not necessarily given us consistent performances from the players at all.

Marcelo Bielsa gives his views on the current state of football

One of the experts who have given their views on this season's football is Uruguay's National coach Marcelo Bielsa who has given his opinion on the game. The coach has given his honest opinion saying that the game of football is moving away from the things that made people fall in love with football. There was also a statement that there might be a lot of people who will watch the game, but there will also be people who will not find the game to be pleasant at all. These are honest words by the coach where we have seen some terrible peace of football in the European Championships as well.

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