Top Ten Fastest Shots recorded in Football history

Football has given the fans many joyous moments and none have been bigger than a beautiful goal being scored. One of the most needed attributes in a player is the ability to strike the ball at a rapid pace.

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic-Tony Yeboah (Source: Twitter)

Zlatan Ibrahimovic-Tony Yeboah (Source: Twitter)

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Football has given the fans many joyous moments and none have been bigger than a beautiful goal being scored. One of the most needed attributes in a player is the ability to strike the ball at a rapid pace. 

The game has seen most amazing goals being scored but what sets the fans going is a thunderous shot. There is an allure when the commentator is shouting the term “goal like a rocket” because of the power behind the shot. 

In this story, we look at the top ten fastest shots recorded in Football history:

10. Obafemi Martins – 135 KPH/83.8 MPH

 Obafemi Martins

The Nigerian striker hit one of the fastest shots in football history when playing for Newcastle United against Tottenham Hotspurs in 2007. Getting a ball from the midfield, Martins beat the Spur's defence and rifled a shot with his left foot. The goalkeeper had no chance when the ball went into the net at the speed of light. 

9. Roberto Carlos – 138 KPH/ 86 MPH

Roberto Carlos

With his outrageous free-kick against France in 1997, Roberto Carlos wrote his name in football history. The Banana Kick goal was clocked at 138 KPH which not only left the French defenders shocked but also the football fans around the world. 

8. Zlatan Ibrahimovic – 150 KPH/93 MPH

 Zlatan Ibrahimovic

The Swedish legend had a great eye goal and his best moment came during the UEFA Champions League game. Zlatan latched onto the ball from outside the box and rifled home a curling right-footed shot which had the goalkeeper jumping in vain. The shot was one of the fastest recorded in football history. 

7. Tony Yeboah – 154 KPH/95.6 MPH

Tony Yeboah

While Ghana player Tony Yeboah might not have had a glittering football career, his one goal still is spoken about. The former Ghana striker scored for Leeds United against Liverpool. The shot at 154 KPH is one of the fastest in football history and is still spoken about to this day. 

6. David Trezeguet – 154.4 KPH/ 95.9 MPH

 David Trezeguet

The former French striker in his early days was a menace to the opposition defence. Manchester United was able to find this the hard way when Trezeguet playing for Monaco FC left the home team stunned with a rocket finish. The goalkeeper had no chance as the ball rocketed into the net to knock United out of the Champions League. 

5. David Hirst – 183 KPH/ 113.7 MPH

David Hirst

Normally when a shot of this magnitude is hit the ball bounces into the back of the net. David Hirst’s 183 KPH hit is still one of the fastest-recorded shots in football history. The ball bounced against the crossbar and made a huge sound and came back into play. 

4. Ronald Koeman – 188 KPH / 116.8 MPH

  Ronald Koeman

The Dutch maestro was regarded as one of the greatest players of his time. Ronald Koeman had scored a free kick in 1992 which was clocked at 188 KPH. This is to date one of the fiercest and fastest shots in football history. The goalkeeper had no chance as he stayed rooted to his spot. 

3. Steven Reid – 189 KPH/ 117.2 MPH

Steven Reid

Blackburn Rovers might not be the same force they were once when they won the EPL title. Steven Reid though has kept the Rovers name in football glory with a shot timed at 189 KPH. The ball went with such power that the opposition players didn’t even bother to get a block in. 

2. Arjen Robben – 190 KPH/118 MPH

Arjen Robben

The former football legend was a pacy winger with the ability to score an amazing goal. His striker against Manchester United in 2010 remains one of the best goals in football history. During one game for Real Madrid, Robben’s kick was timed at 190 KPH to become the second-fastest-recorded shot in football history. 

1. Ronny Heberson- 210 KPH/ 130.4 MPH

Ronny Heberson

The name Ronny Herberson might not be a well-known or household name but he has written his name in football history. Playing in the Portugal league Ronny Heberson took a free-kick which went into the goal like a rocket. The shot was timed at 210 KPH to be clocked as the fastest-recorded shot in football history.