Manchester United's Raphael Varane urges better care for concussion; cites numerous incidents

Raphael Varane has also cited two incidents from his career where he suffered from concussion and had to continue on in the game for his side.

Saatvik Oberoi
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Following multiple scares during his career, Manchester United centre-back Raphael Varane appealed on Tuesday for improved concussion care for athletes.

Varane cited France's 1-0 World Cup quarterfinal loss to Germany and his team's 2-1 second leg defeat versus Manchester City in the round of 16 clash in 2020 while playing for Real Madrid. The 30-year-old claimed a few days prior to the Germany encounter that he was hit by a ball on the side of his head in a play against Nigeria. 

The French International said, “I was telling myself to wake up in the warm-up […] the first few touches were tidy technically, but it was way too slow. I couldn’t concentrate and stay in the match; I was like a spectator. The match went badly for me (two Manchester City goals came from Varane’s individual errors). In hindsight, I realised it was because of the hit that I had taken […] I really questioned myself after that match, but in the end, I realised that these unusual errors hadn’t just fallen from the sky.”

“What would have happened if I had taken another knock” : Raphael Varane 

The former Real Madrid defender further stated that, “At the start of the second half, there’s a cross where I take the ball on one of my temples, and I run into the net of the opponent’s goal. I finished the match but I was in ‘autopilot’ mode. The staff wondered if I was fit (for the Germany game).”

The veteran Manchester United defender added, “I was weakened, but ultimately I played and rather well… What we’ll never know is what would have happened if I had taken another knock to the head. When you know that repeated concussions potentially have a fatal effect, you tell yourself that it could go very wrong. As footballers used to playing at the highest level, we are accustomed to pain, we are a bit like soldiers, tough guys, symbols of physical strength, but these (concussions) are symptoms which are quite invisible.”

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