You can now rent weapon skins in Counter Strike 2, check out how?

Players can now rent the entire collection in Counter Strike 2 for a week, instead of settling for something they do not want while opening a case with the latest update.

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The latest Counter-Strike 2 patch has now added something very interesting. That is being able to rent weapon skins instead of just gambling and wishing to get the one you had your eyes on, However, there are some limitations, along with this, let us also check how you can rent skins.

The most recent patch ‘Fire Sale’ has added multiple bug fixes map changes and price changes for Incendiary Grenade and its visuals. However, the most eye-catching one was that now Chickens across the spawns can turn right and walk up hills.

Alongside the update, Valve has now done something peculiar. Players can now rent weapon skins instead of buying them at a hefty price from the Steam marketplace. This comes as a great option for players who just want to have a taste for the new weapon skins without gambling away their entire salary.

How do you rent the Skins?

While the concept may sound a bit complex, it is quite straightforward. Players when opening the case will now be provided an option to rent the entire collection instead of taking the skin you unlocked for an entire week. This comes in handy when you get unlucky and get a blue or something you don’t want. Of course, if a player unlocks a knife or red tier skin will select that.

Once the week is up, the rented skins will be replaced with default ones. However, there are a few limitations as of now. The most obvious one is that players will not receive the rare knife or glove reward while renting, only the skins displayed will be added to the inventory.


Secondly, players cannot put stickers or name tags on them, these weapon skins will also not be tradable or sellable in the market. Finally, only the Kilowatt Collection is currently available to rent. Older cases transferred from CS:GO do not have this option yet, and may or may not come in the future.

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