Where to watch all game events for the ongoing Esports World Cup?

With over 20 esports titles in the mix, the Esports World Cup is the biggest tournament ever held, check out all the ways you can watch every tournament.

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Confused where to watch Esports World Cup matches?

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The Esports World Cup (EWC) has attracted fans from across the world, as the first of its kind esports tournament. Featuring 20 of the most popular esports titles, the event makes itself a big deal after announcing over $60 million in prize pool.

Hundreds of teams, both invited and qualified, are currently taking part in the EWC events with games being live broadcasted mainly across Twitch or YouTube. There are some cases where some of the events clash with each other, which is why there are also multiple accounts streaming different games. However, this does make searching to watch the game you like a hassle.

Where to watch all the tournaments for the Esports World Cup?

As a general rule, for people who are having a hard time finding the game they want to watch, the official broadcast is also being held on the official Esports World Cup website. Here, players can check the schedule and go directly to the live stream without putting in much effort.

But for those who prefer the option to chat with fellow viewers or generally prefer other popular streaming websites, they can head towards the Twitch or YouTube channel. Some of the games are also streamed across different channels, so to make it easier, we have listed all the official channels with links to the stream.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB Mid-Season Cup 2024)

YouTube - MLBB eSports

Twitch - mlbbofficial

Call of Duty: Warzone

Twitch - ewc_white

League of Legends

Twitch - EWC

Dota 2 (Riyadh Masters 2024)

Twitch - EWC_Dota2

Free Fire

YouTube - Free Fire Esports Official

Counter-Strike 2

Twitch - EWC_CS

PUBG Mobile (PUBG Mobile World Cup 2024)

YouTube - PUBG MOBILE Esports

Twitch - PUBGMOBILEEsports

Overwatch 2

Twitch - EWC

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB Women's Invitational 2024)

YouTube - MLBB eSports

Twitch - MLBBofficial

Apex Legends

YouTube - Esports World Cup

Twitch - EWC

Rainbow Six Siege

YouTube - Esports World Cup

Twitch - EWC

Honour of Kings (HoK Mid-Season Invitational 2024)

YouTube - HoK Global Esports

Twitch - HoK_Global_Esports


YouTube - Esports World Cup

Twitch - EWC

Twitch 2 - ESL_Fortnite

Street Fighter 6

Twitch - EWC

Teamfight Tactics

YouTube - Esports World Cup

Twitch - ewc_tft

StarCraft II

YouTube - Esports World Cup

Twitch - EWC

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III

YouTube - Esports World Cup

Twitch - EWC_CoD


YouTube - Esports World Cup

Twitch - EWC




RENNSPORT (ESL R1 2024 Spring: Esports World Cup 2024)

YouTube - Esports World Cup

Rocket League

Twitch - ewc_rl

Tekken 8

Twitch - EWC

Esports World Cup