WATCH: 8Bit's Top 3 moments at BGIS 2024 Grand Finals

Watch the top 3 moments for team 8Bit at the BGIS 2024 Grand Finals and see how they proved they still got it. Find out key plays that showcased 8Bit's skill and determination in the thrilling BGIS 2024 Grand Finals.

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Top 3 moments for 8Bit at BGIS 2024 Grand Finals

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BGIS 2024 Grand Finals saw many comebacks, but Team 8Bit were either all guns blazing or a no-show. The first day saw them struggle for a while, making fans doubt if the team still have it or not, after all, they are yet to secure any major event in 2024.

However, just as fans were losing all hope, Team 8Bit made an insane play by taking home a massive win in the fifth match and reignited the hopes of all fans, although, that was it from the team, until the next day when they opened up with another good game.

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In between their ups and downs, they kept reminding players what they are capable of can create some of the best moments. Here are the top moments for Team 8Bit at BGIS 2024 Grand Finals that reminded everyone that the flame hasn’t gone out completely.

King of the hill

The opening day win was one of the best moments for Team 8Bit as they defended their hill against multiple teams. It was also quite fun to watch as the teams struggled to push them in an open battlefield of Miramar with barely any cover. As expected, 8-bit was the last team standing.

Another massive opening on BGIS 2024 Grand Finals Day 3

The third day was by far the best for the team and 8Bit with another huge opening chicken dinner after taking down teams like Soul and Reckoning Esports. Fans will swear if the team kept this up from Day 1, they would at least be in the top three on the leaderboard. However, they had to make do with the seventh spot.

8Bit Mighty shows his might

Team Tamils once again tried to crash the party 8Bit were having, and they paid the price. Mighty and Juicy took down the intruder as they scrambled to see what happened. The fight ended faster than Team Tamilas took time to stop the vehicle and enter their stronghold.