W0nderful making NaVi’s time in Copenhagen CS2 Major ‘s1mple’

Navi takes down Eternal Fire at the PGL Copenhagen CS2 Major Quarterfinals, w0nderful who is replacing CSGO legend s1mple and is giving his best to fill his shoes.

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The grand finale for the PGL Copenhagen CS2 Major is almost here and the teams are busy making sure they land the spot. Quarterfinals for the PGL major recently concluded, despite having some issues during the matchup between G2 and MOUZ.

Before that, one of the most anticipated games took place. NaVi features new additions including jL, iM and w0nderful vs Eternal Fire who displayed a solid performance to reach the playoffs.

Ihor “w0nderful” Zhdanov, is currently the AWPer for NaVi after the star player decided to take a break from the competitive scene. Fans were uncertain if the new NaVi would be able to perform at their best.

On the other side, Eternal Fire featured their long-running roster filled with veteran players like XANTARES, woxic and a relatively young but talented name from Eternal Fire Acamedy Ali “Wicadia” Haydar Yalçın.

W0nderful handles the situation

All the worries of fans quickly went away after watching NaVi deliver one of their best performance. The new additions, especially w0nderful stepped up at the time of need. The first match was NaVi’s pick on Mirage, and while Eternal Fire had great opening rounds, they quickly lost the lead.

NaVi was planning to end the map quickly, however, their opponents caught up, leading the match to overtime. Sadly, Eternal Fire was not able to do anything more, resulting in a 16-12 victory for NaVi.

The following match took place in Inferno, with w0nderful once again displaying his skills with an Ace round and ensuring that the team would not go without a fight. Despite being the map pick by Eternal Fire, the team lost with a 13-9 score, ending the series with NaVi moving to the semi-finals.

NaVi to face old rivals

On the other side of the event, after the protest and a little delay, G2 Esports managed to defeat MOUZ in a dominating fashion. The team will now move to the semis and face NaVi.

The match will take place right after FaZe Clan faces Team Vitality. NaVi fans hope that the team keeps up the performance, while G2 fans hope that NiKo can finally get a major trophy under his name. From Semifinals to Grand Finals, it will be a contest of the top 4 Counter-Strike teams in the world.