Top 5 Esports Players Who Revolutionized Their Game

Check out the Top 5 players who have made their mark in their respective e-sports games and communities while helping them improve on various aspects.

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Counter Strike (Source: Twitter)

Counter-Strike (Image Source: Twitter)

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The online gaming industry has received quite some boom in recent years. There are a lot of talented as well as successful players who have made a mark. Several of them are also earning millions through their increased number of subscribers. The debate for the best is difficult to settle on, owing to the continued competition. A single player cannot hold the top position forever, or can they? Some players are known for their iconic plays or their efforts in the gaming community.

Here are a few who have made their mark in their respective games and communities while helping them improve on various aspects:

5. S1mple

Counter Strike (Source: Google)

Counter Strike have a long history and so does the player dubbed the greatest of all time, Oleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyljev. From having a hard time to giving others a hard time in the game, s1mple’s story might be one of the most iconic in esports. He might not have the most Major trophies, but he is one of the most successful players and has shown it time and time again. S1mple also had a toxic attitude in the early days but saw rapid improvement after heavy criticism. He has also been in the top 10 HLTV and the best player list from 2016-2023. He won the first place back-to-back in 2021 and 2022. Even after his break from competitive games, fans are waiting for his comeback.

4. Faker

League of Legends (Source: Google)

While players might differ in opinion for other games, 'League of Legends' fans will always reply with ‘Faker’ when asked about the greatest player. He is a three-time world champion, giving other aspiring pros hope that they will also reach his height.

He is known for his insane clutches against top players on various occasions and for leading his team to victory even in dire situations. His success in the League has made him a real-life celebrity in his country and a worldwide icon by boosting the popularity of the game.

3. Jynxzi

Rainbow Six Siege (Source: Google)

If you want to talk about a player single-handedly keeping a game alive, we do not look no further than Nicholas “Jynxzi” Stewart. This console kid has the entire Rainbow Six Siege community entertained just by screaming at his screen. Siege can be fun with friends. However, it is not as popular as other competitive games. Partly, because a lot is going on at once. People who don’t follow the game as regularly can have a hard time understanding. Besides his goofy attitude, he is also a very skilled player who can easily go head-to-head with any professional FPS Siege player. Jynxzi also recently became the biggest streamer on Twitch. It’s hard to believe this when the player streamed with an average viewership of 1 for an entire year.

2. Fatal1ty

Quake 3 (Source: Google)

This is considered the greatest FPS player, Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel was one of the OGs that shined during Quake 3 and 4. As a professional player, Wendel went on to win 12 major championships along with several other local tournaments. He is dedicated to his skill and inspired many and while he didn’t directly improve on the games, he was one of the first to popularize esports as a genuine profession. Even after his retirement, he was a regular face across many events as a guest.

1. Tyler1

League of Legends (Source: Google)

Like Faker, Tyler "Tyler1" Steinkamp is another beloved player/streamer in the League of Legends community. While the buff dude does not play professionally, his skills are also unmatchable for many. His journey from being one of the most toxic players to one of the darlings was also iconic. He was the first to get an ID Ban from Riot Games, meaning he could never stream the game. Every time he tried, Riot would instaban his ID. Only after almost two years. In 2022, he also became the second to reach the highest rank in all roles in the League and the first person to do so in North America. Besides this, he often takes some of the toughest challenges and pumps up the League community.


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