Team Heretics and 100 Thieves to meet in LB semis at VCT Masters Shanghai

The lower bracket semifinal for VCT Masters Shanghai will see Team Heretics and 100 Thieves lock horns in a decisive battle and reach the lower bracket final.

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Heretics and 100T

Team Heretics and 100 Thieves at VCT (Source - VCT)

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After a brutal loss against G2 Esports and Gen.G, 100 Thieves and Team Heretics have survived their way into the lower bracket (LB) semifinal and will be facing each other on June 7 in a decisive battle of survival in the event.

Team Heretics took down FUT Esports in a very dominating fashion. FUT picked bind, which did not turn out to be in their favour. The opening rounds were decent, with both teams playing cat and mouse and ending with six rounds each.

The second half, however, went horribly for FUT as the team failed after getting picked one by one. With failed retakes and a broken economy half of the time, the team only managed one round, while Heretics were on fire, shutting down their opponents.

Heretics went into their map with an advantage and capitalized on it by dominating FUT in both halves by taking nine rounds in the first half and four back-to-back rounds in the second to end the best-of-three series.

Paper Rex gives a great matchup for 100 Thieves

100 Thieves on the other hand saw a decent competition against Paper Rex, who are also a pretty good team in the Valorant scene. The first map was on Breeze by 100 Thieves, which turned out to be very advantageous for them as they saw a dominating victory over Paper Rex.

The following map was on sunset, with Paper Rex taking an early lead. 100 Thieves managed to catch up in the second half and the situation was looking grim. Paper Rex, however, managed to clutch the game, taking 100 Thieves to decide.

The final game was as intense as it could get. Both the first and second half saw some intense retake fights. 100 Thieves reached the game point first, but Paper Rex managed to pull them in overtime. Sadly, they lost both rounds, leading to a series loss.

On the winners’ side, G2 Esports and Gen.G Esports are set to face each other. The loser will move to the lower bracket final, while the winner will move to the grand finals. Out of 100 Thieves and Team Heretics, one will see the end of the journey, while the other will move to a lower bracket final.