Respawn working on a fix for Apex Legends progression bug

Players for the popular esports title Apex Legends were left worried about their account progress after a recent update reverted their progress and removed in-game items.

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The Apex Legends community was recently left confused after players logging back in after a small update found their account progress reset. Along with that, the players also lost their cosmetics, badges and other in-game items.

This started after players logging back in were greeted by a cross-progression prompt despite the feature being added some time ago. Not everyone lost the same amount of progress. Some players reported losing partial progress, while others reported full reset.

At first, the players thought it to be some form of April’s fool prank, however, the developers at Respawn Entertainment soon responded that they were investigating the issue. “We've seen your reports about account resets in Apex and are investigating. We'll let you know as soon as we have an update on the issue,” they said.

Respawn deploys and quick fix

The next day, the developers quickly issued another update early in the morning. However, this was just a temporary fix to prevent more players from losing the account progress. Those who lost items were told to hand tight as the team were looking for a fix to revert the issue.

Following this, the game servers were taken down to work on the issue. “We are deploying a fast fix to restore progress and content to affected accounts, but players will not be able to connect to the game during this time. We’re hopeful that the game will be back up in about an hour,” the developers wrote.

This issue is one of many Respawn and EA have been facing recently. Last month, several professional players were hacked live during the ALGS tournament, where someone installed cheats remotely to several participant accounts. Players reported suddenly getting wall hacks and aim hacks.

Respawn quickly deployed multiple updates to provide a fix and reassured players that they were working to ensure a safe experience for every player.