PGL give details on their plan for Counter Strike moving forward

With new tournament rules from Valve kicking in 2025, PGL solidifies their commitment to Counter-Strike by announcing 11 tournaments across 2025-2026.

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Copenhagen 2024

PGL Copenhagen Major 2024

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PGL has now announced 11 Counter-Strike tournaments across 2025 and 2026. This comes after the PGL Major Copenhagen became one of their most successful CS tournaments to date. It also holds two of the most-watched majors in CS history with millions of concurrent viewers.

The announcement after the huge change in the competitive Counter-Strike scene announced by Valve. Starting January 2025, the organizers will not be allowed to partner with professional teams for tournaments and the qualifiers will be done on an open basis.

Since the teams are not in pairs and have to qualify for every tournament, they can take part in any tournament they want. As a result, PGL says it can host as many tournaments as possible, both Tier 1 and non-Major. Currently, they are mostly limited to Major events.

“For the first time since 2016, PGL will be able to organize CS2 Tier 1, non-major tournaments, signalling the end of the era dominated by a few esports organizers who created a monopoly on the Counter-Strike market,” PGL said.

Alongside the announcement, PGL also revealed the dates and number of tournaments they will host. Furthermore, they promised to have a better quality, entertainment and accessibility to these tournaments.

There are currently no details regarding how these 11 tournaments will be hosted, however, PGL did give dates for the events. Here is the announced schedule for upcoming PGL tournaments -

2025 Tournament Schedule:

  • Tournament #1: February 10th – 24th
  • Tournament #2: March 31st – April 14th
  • Tournament #3: May 3rd – 19th
  • Tournament #4: September 29th – October 13th
  • Tournament #5: October 18th – November 3rd

2026 Tournament Schedule:

  • Tournament #6: February 16 – March 2
  • Tournament #7: March 23 – April 6
  • Tournament #8: May 2 – 18
  • Tournament #9: August 3 – 17
  • Tournament #10: September 28 – October 12
  • Tournament #11: October 19 – November 2