PGL CS2 Major gets disrupted by audience protests

The first ever Counter-Strike 2 by PGL was disrupted due to online skin gambling platform rivalry, protestors rushed to the stage destroying trophies and delaying the event.

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Counter-Strike 2

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What will a Counter-Strike Major be if there are no shenanigans? After an epic quarter-final between Faze and Team Spirit, fans were in for more action the next day as protestors ran on stage live during the quarter-final between G2 and Mouz.

Two people rushed to the stage, forcing the players from both teams off-stage. The security quickly detained both of them, however, in the process, the PGL Major trophy on display was damaged. Chants of booing could be heard across the crowd before the event was halted to deal with the two.

Who was behind the incident?

CSGOEmpire an esports betting platform has taken credit for these actions. In a blog post, CSGOEmpire claimed that one of the partners for G2 Esports, CSGORoll is a fraud website scamming its users. They also went on to say that the company has been a part of a money laundering scheme.

“G2 must stop promoting scam casinos immediately, especially scam casinos that steal user balances and run a Ponzi scheme. The CEO of G2 must resign for his abhorrent behaviour and statements, and for using children to promote gambling to a young fanbase.” the blog wrote.

‘Monarch’, the owner of CSGOEmpire was one of the people who was involved in the incident. Due to his actions, his Kick streaming account was taken down. Before the incident, Monarch was also luring others to do the same, claiming he would pay them “thousands” to disrupt the match.

PGL also responded to the situation, saying, “Our event experienced an attempted disruption. We temporarily halted the match to ensure everyone’s safety. The individuals involved were removed by the police. We will be pressing charges against the disruptors.”

The event was disrupted for around 30 minutes, after which the teams were back on stage to compete. G2 Esports managed to defeat MOUZ and will be facing NaVi in the semi-final.

This was the first time an incident like this occurred. The viewers and fans had the same stance on the incident and called them clowns for doing the same thing they are accusing their rival betting platform of.