PGL Copenhagen Major Faze vs Team Spirit dubbed ‘best CS2 match’

Fans are surprised by an unexpected intense clash between Faze Clan and Team Spirit at the ongoing PGL Copenhagen Major 2024 Playoffs, call it the best CS2 match to date.

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PGL Major Copenhagen 2024

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Last night, one of the most intense matches in Counter-Strike history took place. The playoffs for PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 are underway, with day one seeing Team Vitality face Cloud 9 while FaZe Clan took on Team Spirit.

The opening matchup between Vitality and Cloud 9 was rather lacklustre and wrapped up relatively quickly, with Vitality dominating their opponents. FlameZ played a significant role in Vitality’s success, alongside having the highest impact on the game. The team did not allow Cloud 9 to reach double digits in round wins.

However, what followed was not something fans were expecting. The subsequent match between FaZe and Spirit left everyone on the edge.

Faze opened strong

Right from the start, FaZe maintained map control, even after losing both pistol rounds on Team Spirit’s choice of map. The match closed out relatively quickly at 13-7, similar to the Vitality and Cloud 9 situation. It seemed Team Spirit was done for, but the young blood was not ready to give up that easily.

The next match saw a struggle between both teams to get ahead. This led the teams to a double overtime situation, with the fan favourite Donk doing his best to take the team to a third match. The match ended with a 19-16 score, with a hard-fought win for Team Spirit.

With one win each, the teams headed to Vertigo for the decider match. Team Spirit once again struggled to find an opening, leading to a grim situation of 12-5 in favour of FaZe. One more round and it was the end for Spirit.

As expected, donk stepped up and helped his team bring the game to an overtime situation once again. However, FaZe managed to clutch the game in overtime with a 16-14 victory, moving to the semifinals.

Team Spirit’s loss was nothing less than heartbreaking for the fans and the team itself. The rising star donk’s run for the first Counter-Strike 2 major has officially ended by FaZe Clan. Finn “Karrigan” Andersen also displayed how years of experience can become one of the biggest assets in the long run.

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