NaVi secures first ever Counter Strike 2 Major at PGL Copenhagen 2024

NaVi are your first-ever Counter Strike 2 Major winners, the team defeated Faze at the PGL Major Copenhagen grand finals, and jL was crowned as the tournament MVP.

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PGL Major Copenhagen

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Natus Vincere has now made history by winning the first Counter Strike 2 Major after defeating Faze Clan at the PGL Major Copenhagen. The total viewership for the Major peaked at 1.8 million as per HLTV statistics.

What’s even more fascinating is that four of the players in NaVi won a Major for the first time. These included, jL, iM, AleksiB and w0nderful. B1t on the other hand has secured his second Counter Strike major at just the age of 21.

B1t and jL activate in the grand finals

Despite having a comparatively rougher Major than his teammates, b1t managed to perform when it mattered the most. The grand final saw the young star give his best alongside his teammates which led to an easy victory for NaVi.

jL also did not fail to meet fans' expectations, in fact, he was the highest-rated player in the entire Major which secured him the MVP medal. Considering this was his second Major appearance, his performance was once again top-notch, similar to his first Major in CS:GO with Apeks.

A swift victory

The matches went by surprisingly very fast. Faze picked ancient as their map pick, however, they were not able to hold it. The team struggled to take a lead early on and kept chasing NaVi on the scoreboard.

NaVi had a good history on Ancient during the CS:GO days with players like s1mple, perfecto and electroNic, but this was the new NaVi. Ancient went into NaVi’s favour in a 13-9 scoreline, with jL ending the match with a 1v3 clutch.

The second map was on Mirage, picked by NaVi. This time, Faze managed to take a massive lead in the first half, resulting in an easy win with a 13-2 score leading to the decider map. No one would have expected that Faze would get wiped in the decider map. The situation was similar to the first half of the second map, however, this time around it was NaVi dominating Faze.

B1t and jL once again gave their best when it mattered. With just three rounds in the first half and losing the pistol in the second, Faze was left with no proper buy and ended up losing the Major 13-3.

With this Major win, NaVi have now also secured their spot at the BLAST Premier World Final in November and the upcoming Esports World Cup 2024 in Riyadh this summer. It was a long journey that involved a lot of struggle and breaking the first Major winning dream of others.