More leaks appear for Deadlock, rumoured new multiplayer game by Valve

Even more leaks for rumoured upcoming esports games by Valve are now making rounds over the internet featuring gameplay and hero abilities.

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Deadlock (Source - Visceral on X)

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It has been quite some time since the original leaked images appeared from what is said to be the upcoming multiplayer game by Valve named Deadlock. The leak itself stirred a lot of talk over the internet, with many getting hyped up while others complained.

While the talk seems to be subsiding, we now have another batch of leaked gameplay footage on 4chan and not just a few but rather multiple leaks showcasing hero abilities and gameplay. One has even compiled all the footage in a frag movie.

For those still under a rock, Deadlock was revealed to be a 6v6 multiplayer game that mixes features similar to multiple other games like a huge map similar to MOBA games, agents and abilities similar to overwatch and gameplay as a third-person shooter game.

No official word from Valve

Despite all the leaks, there hasn’t been any official confirmation from Valve, so it is hard to say if the game is officially from Valve or some other developer that is using the same aesthetics as Valve. Many of the characters have a striking resemblance to a few of the characters from other Valve games.

At this point, fans are convinced that Valve will literally make a new game instead of making a third instalment for its existing franchises like Half-Life, Left 4 Dead, and Team Fortress.

However, with all the leaked images and gameplay videos, one thing is sure something is currently in development, be it by Valve or someone else. The question is, will this game see the light of the day after so many leaks? The game hasn’t even been announced yet and players are already up in arms to criticize the game they are not even sure to know the name of based on what looks like to be very early footage.