How is the esports industry changing in 2024?

Check out the latest changes and trends shaping the esports industry in 2024. Get more about technological advancements, evolving audience engagement, and emerging opportunities that are transforming the competitive gaming landscape this year.

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PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen

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Esports is an evolving phenomenon with an upward going trajectory. The industry is not what it was five years earlier. Tournaments are in abundance and the prize pool has significantly increased. Since last year, the community around esports has skyrocketed manifold.

Multiple talented players are emerging, the developers are introducing new concepts while also trying to ensure the game remains accessible to as many players as possible. With all this, the industry is set for some huge changes this year.

Here's how all the factors will affect:

6. Technology improvement

With the improvement in technology, the work to make esports titles, organize events and much more is getting easier. Furthermore, better internet and hardware are allowing more and more people to enter the world of esports.

This doesn’t apply to the PC gaming sector, in fact, the mobile gaming industry is the one making the most out of these technological advancements with top-tier games like PUBG, Rainbow Six Siege and Battlefield now being ported as mobile esports titles.


5. Rise in the number of players and fans

While the numbers have been steadily increasing, with the new incentives and push, even more aspirants are expected to enter the esports scene. Many new players have even started challenging veteran teams, giving them a tough time on an international stage in front of a crowd.

The increasing popularity of esports is also creating interest among regular people. There are always some ongoing events for various esports titles going on. The best part is, unlike many traditional sports, esports events are live for free, which is why it is more accessible and pull in more viewership.

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4. More government involvement

Many countries have now started recognizing esports as an official sport, as such, it is regularized alongside traditional sports. Government agencies managing the sports department now also have involvement in esports for better regulations and to prevent harm to players.

To boost the popularity of esports, many policies introduced by governments that encourage players to take part in these events. Specialized training courses in partnership with local esports organizations are also developed in some countries to help players improve. These types of programs can be further adopted by other governments.


3. Diversity

Be it fans or players aspiring to be a pro in any game, esports brings different types of people together, something even video games alone are not able to achieve. Regardless of race, gender, religion or any other aspect, everyone comes together when their favourite team is on the stage.

With how popular these games are becoming, developers for esports titles are also bringing ways to make everyone feel involved while playing the game. Efforts are also being made to make video games a safe space for everyone without any disparity.

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2. Worldwide acceptance

Esports have already been an integral part of many developed countries that have created some of the legends in the industry. This integration is further expected to spread into developing countries considering the huge push esports received last year with multiple interesting announcements.

For developing countries, esports is a great way to boost their economy. Hosting events, media coverage and building up talent will attract sponsors and investment from big firms. Furthermore, it will bolster other industries directly, which will add to the economic growth.


1. More opportunities

Last year, multiple popular esports event organizers announced entry into different esports titles with multiple tournaments. Even the organizers who had previously left the scene are planning to return. Paired with recent changes in how the teams qualify for the tournaments, players will now get even more opportunities to enter the industry.

With a large number of events, there will also be the need for more technical people to organize a successful event, giving opportunities to more talented individuals. The growth of esports is an overall win-win situation for many.

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