Here are all game modes coming to Concord on launch as PlayStation announces pre-order

The Japanese store page for the upcoming hero shooter game for PlayStation and PC, Concord, has now revealed the names of all six game modes coming on launch.

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Concord (Source - Steam)

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Concord is set to launch on August 23 and PlayStation has now announced that the pre-orders and their new hero shooter are live. A player will also be getting beta access with the pre-order and four keys that they can use to play the game in beta with friends.

The game is live with 16 playable characters and six different game modes. While only the numbers are mentioned across other pages, the Japanese PlayStation page for Concord gave the name and description for these modes.

A quick translation revealed the following names for the six modes -

  • Trophy Hunt - This mode requires players to defeat opponents and collect their tokens alongside their team members. The first team to collect most tokens are to be the winner.
  • Take Down - This one is similar to the Trophy Hunt, minus the token collection, as teams have to eliminate as many opponents as possible. The team with most kills will secure the match.
  • Area control - Both teams will be tasked to capture zones, which will increase the score. The more zones a team captures, the faster their score climbs up.
  • Crash Point - One of the teams will be tasked to secure a location while the other will be tasked to destroy it. Both teams will need to complete their task across multiple rounds in order to secure points.
  • Signal Chase - Opposing teams will be tasked to hold a zone that will change locations. Being inside the zone will provide points to the specific team.

Cargo Run - One of the teams will be tasked with securing cargo for extraction, while the other needs to stop the cargo. Both teams will be getting a chance to attack and defend.

By the description, these game modes sound like the ones players already know of. However, It remains to be seen if there will be any changes or innovations to these game modes, or if they will simply be renamed for regular game modes from other arena shooters.