Global Esports closes Round 4 alongside other veterans at BGIS 2024

Global Esports and three others make their way into the semifinals of BGIS 2024 after the final day of Round 4 matches. Few teams like SouL & Revenant misses the mark.

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BGIS 2024 Round 4 Day 4 (Source - YouTube)

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The final day for Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2024 Round 4 has concluded, and the final day saw veteran teams clash with each other with Global Esports and Reckoning Esports outshining everyone.


THW Esports secured the opening match with a 19-point Chicken Dinner with newly formed Mogo Esports, with veteran players like DeltaPG and Shogun right behind on the leaderboard. The following match saw Team Souls similarly secure the game. At this moment, other season teams were yet to activate.

The third map is where teams started trying hard, with Global Esports securing the game with 24 points shooting them on top of the leaderboard from the 8th spot. Following them, Team Tamilas presented themselves as the best team of match 4, however, Reckoning Esports took the top spot.

Not only that, the fifth match was also secured by Reckoning Esports, pushing them to the top of the leaderboard. However, Global Esports did not back down and gave their best securing 29 point chicken dinner leaving no chance for anyone to follow up and secure their spot in the semifinals.

Alongside Global Esports three more teams also qualified for the semifinals, these include Reckoning Esports, Team Tamilas and Vasista Esport. Mogo Esports remained shy of a few points and will likely compete for the Wildcard Entry with 63 other teams for another shot at the semifinals. Amidst all this, Team SouL and Revenant Esports were left in the dust alongside other new teams.

Round 4 Day 4 overall standings -

1. Global Esports - 80 Points

2. Reckoning Esports - 74 Points

3. Team Tamilas - 50 Points

4. Vasista Esport - 48 Points

5. Mogo Esports - 44 Points

6. THW Esports - 43 Point

7. WSB Gaming - 33 Points

8. RNVC Esports - 30 Points

9. Team SouL - 29 Points

10. Revenant Esports - 27 Points

11. TCW Official - 18 Points

12. Hail India - 15 Points

13. Rising Falcon - 14 Points

14. Inertia Esports - 12 Points

15. RnbXout Wit - 12 Points

16. Cratic Esports - 7 Points