Gen.G takes out 100 Thieves to secure upper bracket finals at Masters Shanghai

Gen.G takes out 100 Thieves to secure a spot at the VCT Masters Shanghai grand finals. 100 Thieves is now at last live in the lower brackets and will be facing Paper Rex.

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Gen.G Munchkin

Gen.G Munchkin (Source - VCT)

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Gen.G Esports has become the first team to secure the upper brackets finals at the ongoing Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) Masters Shanghai after defeating 100 Thieves. The team is already looking strong, and while 100 Thieves isn’t out of the fight just yet, they have made their intentions clear.

The team started dominating their opponents early on with a solid defence. The first half saw Gen.G swoop, nine rounds on the defending side. With the map being 100 Thieves’ choice, fans were expecting a miracle comeback, which did come for a bit before Gen.G managed to put in the final nails.

With the map pick lost, 100 Thieves were not at a huge disadvantage. The second map was Ascent which had seen both teams securing equal rounds, which wasn’t looking very good for 100 Thieves as they were now on the attacking side in the second half.

The team started great but Gen.G quickly gained a lead, sending the match to game point in their favour. 100 Thieves would need to get four back-to-back rounds to force overtime, which they failed to do. After two rounds, 100 Thieves walked into a kill zone and lost the game.

One more chance

The Playoffs were played as double elimination brackets and 100 Thieves have now dropped to the lower bracket quarterfinals to face Paper Rex who dropped to the lower brackets early after their loss against G2 Esports and defeated EDward Gaming to stay alive.

One more team from the upper bracket semifinals also join 100 Thieves in the lower brackets soon to face 

FUT Esports, who were previously defeated by 100 Thieves and recently took down Fnatic in a decisive battle. With $1 million in the prize pool, every team is doing their best to survive at Masters Shanghai.