FC Pro World Championship: Charanjot Singh leads India into the EA Sports FC 24 event

Check out Charanjot Singh's leadership and India's performance in the EA Sports FC 24 event to reach FC Pro World Championship, only on Sports.Info

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Charanjot Singh

Charanjot Singh at FC Pro World Championship Play-Ins (Image - YouTube)

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For the first time ever, India will now have a representation at the EA FC Pro World Championship, all thanks to Charanjot Singh, India’s Star FC player. During the most recent Play-Ins, Charanjot created history by defeating JP Sleator after an intense match.

The game saw Charanjot making slow progress, but his opponent, Sleator, tried to keep him in check on every score. However, the last few minutes of the game saw Charanjot on the defensive and play for time in order to prevent his opponent from scoring. In the end, he managed to take home the win.

Charanjot is currently a part of GodLike Esports and is a local superstar, considered as the best FIFAe/FC player in India. This win not only comes as a win for the org but for the entire country. It showcases how far the country have come in terms of esports. The post-match interview also saw Charanjot with some humble but true words.

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“Indian, although a huge country, is small in Esports, so this win is a big achievement for me and India,” he said. He also said that the opponent bringing the score back equal had him a bit stressed, but he managed to calm himself down and outplay his opponent to take the victory.

Not an easy road ahead for Charanjot at FC Pro World Championship

Following the interview, Charanjot also got to pick his group and picked out Group H which features some of the best FC players in the world including Emre Yilmaz, Fouma and Jonny. With these three as opponents, the way ahead will certainly not be an easy one for Charanjot at the 2024 FC Pro World Championship.

This is a great opportunity to prove himself as an international and show how far he has come by himself in what is considered a very small part of the Indian esports industry. Hopefully, the player will see the continuation of this success and inspire others.