Faze to clash with NaVi at PGL Copenhagen Major Grand Final

Faze defeats Vitality while NaVi takes down their long-running rivals at the PGL Copenhagen Major semifinals, both teams to face-off at grand finals

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Source: PGL Twitter

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Faze Clan is all set to face Natus Vincere at the grand finals of the first-ever Counter Strike 2 Major today. NaVi took down G2 in the semifinals, while Faze defeated the last Counter Strike Global Offensive major champion Vitality.

As expected of the four legendary teams, the matches were intense and filled with epic moments and comebacks. Despite having a mediocre run in the elimination stage, both teams have displayed why they are considered one of the best.

JL steamrolls over G2 Esports’s shot at PGL Copenhagen Major

PGL (Source: PGL Twitter)
PGL (Source: PGL Twitter)

Niko came with the hope of taking the first CS2 Major trophy and his first CS Major win. However, their trip was cut short by the monster duo jL and wonderful in NaVi. Both of them have been the best performers for the team in this major.

After their previous match against Eternal Fire, fans were hoping that they keep up the performance. The duo did not disappoint, especially jL on the decider map. On G2’s side, it felt like the entire team except m0nesy was struggling to keep up.

The first map Anubis was picked by G2, however, NaVi was the one taking the lead, forcing G2 to play catch up and leading the match into overtime, where G2 fell apart. G2 did surprisingly come back in the following map, with m0nesy once again doing the heavy lifting.

The decider map was on Anubis, which was NaVi’s favoured map. G2 once again tried their best, but jL decided to take the matter into his hands. With an ace and 28, he crushed G2’s dream once again.

Big Brain Karrigan took a calculated risk

Source - PGL
Source - PGL

Matches between Faze and Vitality purely felt like map dependent. Nuke was picked by Faze and sure enough, they dominated their opponent and not give them any chance to make space. Faze took the win with a 13-7 score.

The second map was on Vertigo, which has historically been the dominant map for Vitality. It was surprising to see Faze not ban Vertigo during map selection. As expected, Faze did not know what hit them and the match was over with 13-5 score in favour of Vitality.

As the team went to decide the map, it became clear why Faze did not ban Vertigo. The team wanted to give a false sense of security to Vitality while aiming for a favourable decider map. Vitality found out soon enough with a 13-8 defeat knocking them out of the major.