Destiny 2 Salvation’s Edge raid race still going after over 12 hours

The latest Destiny 2 raid, Salvation’s Edge, is still going on after over 12 hours with select teams struggling in the final encounter, who will win?

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Salvation's Edge

Destiny 2 The Witness (Source - Bungie)

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Salvation’s Edge is being dubbed as the hardest raid ever released by Bungie which might be true as after 12 hours of struggle, no team has managed to take home the trophy. Few veteran teams like Elysium have managed to reach the final encounter, but a win still remains uncertain.

Furthermore, it is also quite hard to tell which team is making progress. The requirement for Raid Race includes at least one person streaming. However, most of the players usually mute their comms to viewers or partially hide the screen in order to prevent giving others an advantage.

What is Salvation’s Edge?

Salvation’s Edge is the final raid in the light vs dark story for Destiny 2 that was released as part of The Final Shape DLC. The game is quite popular for its unique raid and its mechanics, with each raid comprising a different amount of encounters.

This one is made up of five encounters. Each one requires the entire team to come up with ideas to solve the encounter in order to move forward to the next one. The first few hours went by decently for everyone, but the fourth encounter was seemingly the most time-consuming for many, as players spent over four hours completing the encounter. Bungie themselves are ready with popcorn to witness the raid race.

Here are all the players currently in the final encounter -



All The Players



Saltogreppo currently holds three raid championships and is looking for the fourth belt. Others also have wins under their names and at the moment, competition is fierce.

Till now, Last Wish raid currently holds the longest world’s first clear timestamp of 19 hours, and Salvation’s Edge is also closing on that mark. The players are also quite happy with the new expansion and the raid after Bungie fumbled the bag with Lightfall.