Dead by Daylight developer stream reveals iconic D&D villain as next killer

On the occasion of Dungeons and Dragons' 50th anniversary, Dead By Daylight is introducing one of the iconic characters from the lore, Vecna, as a new killer.

New Update

Vecna coming to Dead By Daylight (Source - Behaviour Interactive)

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The latest livestream from Dead By Daylight developers has now revealed the next killer and as predicted by some of the fans, it is Vecna, the most iconic character appearing in the series. The collaboration comes as per of 50th anniversary for Dungeons and Dragons.

The character will be a licenced character, meaning players will need to purchase DLC in order to play as Vecna. However, as part of the ongoing public test build, he is available for everyone to try out and further give feedback to the developers.

For those who are not aware, Vecna is a Lich in the D&D universe who ascended to godhood and is considered the most terrifying of all. In a D&D game, there may not be much you can do against him as he comes back after dying, but in Dead by Daylight, players will get plenty of chances to run the killer.

Vecna Perks

  • Dark Arrogance - The killer have increase cooldown recovery after being blinded and stunned, however, they also have increase vaulting speed by up to 20%.
  • Languid Touch - Disturbing a crow if a player is within 36 meters of the killer causes the survivor to be exhausted for up to 10 seconds, preventing them from using exhaustion perks.
  • Weave Attunement - Whenever a survivor uses up an item completely, it will reveal their aura alongside any other within 8 meters of them. The depleted item will drop and if the survivor picks it up, they become oblivious.

New survivors and an interesting take from Behaviour Interactive

Alongside the killer, there are also two survivors but this time, instead of two individual characters, both survivors are combined in one and players can change their look to play with whomever they want. It is similar to Claire Redfield’s outfit for Jill Valentine in the game.

The survivors here are Aestri Yazar & Baermar Uraz who are bards. Since the survivors are combined, they have only three perks instead of 6 as previously done with two survivors on release. Alongside the perks, the game now also makes use of D&D elements like Die Roll with these new perks.

Bard perks

  • Bardic Inspiration - The perks grant a buff to you and other teammates for 15 seconds depending on the roll you get on a d20 die. Getting 1 will make you scream and reveal your location while getting any other number will grant bonus Progression on skill checks.
  • Mirrored Illusion - After repairing Generators for a total of 50 %, players can use this perk to create an illusion of themselves on a Chest, Exit Gate, Generator or Totem for up to 120 seconds.
  • Still Sight - Standing still for a few seconds will allow players to see the locations of all Chests, Exit gates, Generators, Totem and killers within 18 meters until the player starts moving.

Do note that these perks can be tweaked as per the suggestions from players in PTB. A buff or a Nerf are always on the table before the full release. These include perks for killers as well.